Don’t Mind Me, I’ll Just Be Brewing Shampoo in My Kitchen

It all started with tomato juice – an 8 oz. glass of tomato juice, which – interestingly enough – tasted completely awful (seriously, Navy SEALs must drink this stuff – it’ll put hair on your chest).  But I’ll tell you more about my research in tomato juice when I get into this week’s challenge.  (Or you can skip to it right now!)

I have given myself until October 1, 2012 to switch my supply of store-bought, chemical-infused personal care items to natural, homemade creations. 

Throughout this experiment, I’ll be giving up about 1 beauty item each week and brewing all of the substitutes myself.  This means that any concoction I apply to my skin, teeth or hair in order to induce or enhance softness, smoothness, moisture, color, “healthy glow,” cleanliness, fragrance, freshness, brightness, invigoration, break-out prevention, medication or all-around attractiveness must be homemade from natural products.  I’ll also keep track of how much money I spend on my home remedies and compare that to prices I’d see on the shelves of my local WalMart.

Everything starts today, and let’s say – for a moment – that I’m prepared.  I realize that by giving up chemicals, I’m likely giving up a strength belonging to traditional products, which could compromise the effectiveness of items such as deodorant or soap, for example.  Quite frankly, I realize that the switch could potentially (not necessarily, of course) make me smell.  If I happen to seem at all apprehensive, don’t believe it; I don’t look at all apprehensive.

I do have to wonder, of course, if this experiment will result in any or all of the following:

  • greasy or unclean hair
  • uncontainable breakouts
  • smelly pits
  • sweating
  • an unpolished “look” (especially where make-up is concerned)
  • dry skin
  • oily skin
  • a “musk”
  • going broke

God help me if it’s all of those.


3 thoughts on “Don’t Mind Me, I’ll Just Be Brewing Shampoo in My Kitchen

  1. All I know is we now have industrial sized baking soda in the kitchen cupboard, enough lemon juice to open a lemonade stand (if I wasn’t afraid we’d be shut down), and so much tomato juice in the frig it looks like a blood bank in there. So far she still smells sweet though (I’ll keep you posted on that as things progress). Good luck my dear maid. L&K M XO

    • LOL Last night when I saw this I said to Daniel, “Thanks for telling Brianna and Kevin!” and he said, “Oh, shoot – I actually forgot to tell them!” Haha So glad you’ve found it and are reading!!!! Thanks for following!

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