Why was I throwing all that money away?

Well, the simple answer as to why I have been throwing good money after bad at name brand deodorants all this time has recently become quite apparent to me.  I just don’t like to sweat.  I hate feeling like I have a personal irrigation system right under my arms, and since I’ve been using Certain Dri with Ban, drought conditions have gloriously reined for the past year.  Certain Dri is like having a wet-dry Shop-Vac under my arms.

Since converting to natural deodorant , I must admit that my pits have begun irrigating once again.  I have been sweating for the past two days, although not abnormally so (of course you can barely trust what I say on the subject, seeing as I normally sweat abnormally).  Perhaps sweating will decrease as my underarms acclimate to their new all-natural environment.  However, I have taken it upon myself to make some changes to my method.

At the end of the day yesterday, I evaluated the sweat/odor situation.  Although I have had some dampness, I haven’t noticed any offensive odors.  At the same time, I’m so used to my pits exuding scents like “shower fresh” and “energizing grapefruit & lemongrass” that I’m finding myself spoiled.  I’m a total fragrance snob, and (to me) as far as freshness is concerned, I’m not setting the world on fire right now.

I’ve since tweaked the recipe to call for TWO parts baking soda to three parts corn starch, in the hopes that my natural deodorizer might suddenly give birth to some flowery freshness.  It’s a long shot.  I’m also now using a damp tea bag, rather than a dry one, to add fragrance.  I started with a dry tea bag, because I was worried that a damp one could cause clumpiness or goopiness when added to powder.  However, I think the moisture will help to awaken the scent of the tea leaves a bit more than the dry air has done – I’ll update about the goopiness factor.

One final exciting update: I’m saving money!  Using some quick (and hopefully not questionable) math, I’ve established that my store-bought deodorant lifestyle was costing me about $11.36 for 6.4 oz. of product.  Mother Nature, in this instance, gives me way more bang for my buck: 118.5 oz. of product for $6.18.  Here’s the breakdown:

Someday I’ll be this confident with my homemade deodorant


Certain Dri (1.2 oz) – $4.96

Ban (2.6 oz) – $2.57

Dove (2.6 oz) – $3.83

TOTAL (6.4 oz) – $11.36                                                                                                                        


Tomato Juice (64 oz) – $2.98

Lemon Juice (32 oz) – $1.98

Baking Soda (16 oz) – $0.54

Corn Starch (6.5 oz) – $0.68

TOTAL (118.5 oz.) – $6.18

My pits might still be thinking, but they’re a lot cheaper to have around than they were before!


4 thoughts on “Why was I throwing all that money away?

  1. Sorry to hear that your pits are active again – and it’s only in the 70’s (and no humidity). Here’s hoping that they become acclimated to your natural deodorizer before the dog days of summer!
    How often are you applying your natural deodorizer (corn starch and baking soda)? Maybe it would help to do it mid day too?? Just a thought but that will impact your cost effectiveness.

    • Thanks for the sympathy, Aunt P! I’ve been keeping tabs on my sweating all day, and I must say, it’s rather exhausting. I’m applying the natural deodorant once daily, as I would a normal deodorant. But increasing the application may help…perhaps morning/evening? I’ll give it a try!

  2. Maybe you could squeeze some lemon juice into your tomato juice, swipe your pits with it and then put the rind in the deodorant mixture for some scent.
    Also I doubt your deodorant mixture is going to provide anti perspirant properties…that’s where all the chemicals come it. You might have to invest in some of those underarm pads. Don’t know how that is going to look with your sundresses though.

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