Don’t check yourself for B.O., just keep your B.O. in check

Don’t you ever feel like you need to check yourself to avoid this??

There’s really no easy way to check yourself for B.O in the public arena.  It’s simply an all-too-conspicuous action.  This I’ve noticed in the past four days, and it’s something we might want to work on, in my opinion.  There should be an outlet for that in this world.

Still, for the past four days, I’ve been taking every possible chance to surreptitiously scent-check my pits.  I’ve been using the “don’t mind me, I’m just scratching my nose with my shoulder” technique and gunning for the privacy of the bathroom at the slightest hint of dampness.  People at my office must think I’ve developed a sudden bladder condition, considering the frequency with which I’ve been visiting the ladies’ room of late.  But I can’t help it, I feel like I’ve got a ticking stink bomb under my arms right now.

However, it still has yet to explode.  I was extremely proud of my pits today – all day dry and all day fresh!  Even my mother is starting to believe.  I came home from work today, walked right up to her and raised my arm.

“Smell,” I said.  “Just smell.  It’s freshness!”

She wrinkled her nose but vowed she smelled nothing in the general vicinity.  Win!

Another plus to the baking soda method – no residue!  My aunt asked of my last post how my clothes have been holding up to the test (presumably since they’re so vulnerable now without a chemical shield), and I have to say they’re doing well.  With conventional deodorants, even ones that were supposedly “invisible,” I would always notice residue on the underarms of my shirts – a lingering flowery fragrance, a white powder, a filmy coating, an embarrassing stain.  Since going natural, I’ve noticed no residue on my clothes; I even wore a black sweater today and found no white powder clinging to the arms when I took it off.  And since baking soda is also a useful cleanser, I’m hopeful that it will actually keep my clothes cleaner and ward off stains caused by my old conventional antiperspirants.  

The tomato juice has really taken off as well.  I have to say that I was rather less-than-confident that it would ward off sweat, but drinking it prophylactically has definitely seemed to help.  Drinking a glass once daily for one week and then every-other-day after that helps the body control sweating and also provides a ton of health benefits.  I’ve also heard of drinking vinegar to stop sweat, but this seems even less appetizing than the tomato juice.  However, I am almost out of tomato juice, so maybe vinegar is next at bat – if it works, it works!

Finally, some sad news: lemon juice has been temporarily removed from my regimen until further notice.  After another suggestion from my aunt, I checked the ingredients on the bottle I was using and sure enough, I found preservatives.  I’m going to keep an eye out for a purer blend.

Keep your nose clean, your pits dry and your B.O. in check!  Cheers!


7 thoughts on “Don’t check yourself for B.O., just keep your B.O. in check

  1. You have become part of my morning routine. I look forward to sipping my am coffee with your blog…very entertaining. How about fresh lemons…more costly but all natural and you can use the rinds for scent.

  2. Hello and greetings from GEO….Just wondering but is this the proper time of the year to be testing this project? What happens when the temps are in the 90’s for several days? When you begin toothpaste trials, I have heard that cigar ashes are good for toothbrushing and a good substitute for toothpaste.

  3. Congrats on your success this week…..As you begin each new product trial will you continue with the ones from the previous weeks? If you find that a natural made is not effective, will you forge ahead until you find one that is or will you go back to store bought? I was also thinking that you could incorporate herbs especially for fresh scents – Rosemary, cinnamon, jasmine, mint.

  4. Different people are sensitive to different things. Maybe your excess sweating was just a reaction to the deodorant chemicals, and your body was cleansing your pores of the chemicals that were irritating it by sweating them out. The more you battled the sweating with deodorants, and especially antiprespirants, the more your body battled back with even more sweating.

    • Oh this is so true! Ian can’t use anti-perspirant…it makes him sweat uncontrollably. Maybe he can be your first convert to the tomato juice/baking soda/lemon routine.

      • Yea I think you might build up immunity to antiperspirants, too. The tomato juice is working GREAT though – I swear I have never sweated (or sweat?) this LITTLE without my Certain Dri!

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