If you can’t stand the heat, give up deodorant

I have to say one more thing about excessive perspiration before I can let that piggy go for a while.  It’s been over a week

Hopefully this summer I can be as confident with my pits as Wild Bill obviously is with his!

since I first gave up conventional antiperspirants and started making my baking soda and corn starch deodorant.  Confident that any adjustment period is over, I am now ready to render a final verdict.

Of course I will admit that I ran into a few hiccups in the beginning of this challenge that had me carrying around an emergency stick of chemical-strength antiperspirant in my handbag for the past week.  But I have now removed the back-up deodorant without having ever used it!

As far as sweating is concerned, go ahead and knock me over with the feather I once used to fan my pits, because I never believed that a natural remedy could work this well to control perspiration.  I’m not going to say I don’t sweat, because I still do, but it is now controlled impeccably.  I can go through an entire day – be it relaxed, busy or stressful – without the worry of dampness under my arms.  However, unlike traditional antiperspirants, my homemade powder actually allows me to sweat when I probably should (like when I’m working out), which I’m sure is a healthy improvement.  And don’t forget old faithful: my every-other-day glass of tomato juice.  I have a feeling that this habit is playing a large part in my newfound natural dryness.

In the matter of odor, I must again tip my hat to Mother Nature.  Homemade deodorant will not make you smell!  After a full day of baking soda and corn starch, my underarms have a fresh, neutral scent (if any at all), and I’ve noticed no residue (powder or scent) on my clothes.

I mentioned before that I have been struggling to find a fragrance for my deodorant.  I tried adding a damp tea bag to the powder, and while it didn’t make the mixture gooey, the bag seemed to droop after several days.  I’m now using vanilla extract – a few drops on two flat cotton pads, which I put in my deodorant container.  They create a more pungent fragrance, but it’s not one that sticks with me all day.  Of course, why worry about an artificial aroma when you already have a natural neutral scent?

Perhaps the flapper fan will come back in fashion this summer

So my deodorant regimen goes something like this: drink one glass of tomato juice every other day, wipe underarms with fresh lemon juice before bed (surprisingly, once the lemon dries, it’s not at all sticky), apply powder deodorant in the morning.  So far, it’s working for me, but who knows what warmer weather will bring.

This morning, my father told me he’d had a hilarious dream just a few nights ago.

“It was a really, really hot day, and you had these horrible sweat stains under your arms,” he said, laughing and gesturing at his armpits to indicate the flash flood that I had apparently been facing.

“That’s not funny,” I snapped back.  “These are your sweat genes I inherited.  I might be the only person who can’t do the wave at an Orioles game this summer!”

Then it dawned on me – once Baltimore’s 90-degree weather sets in, I could have some serious perspiration problems on my hands.  And believe this, hon – I dOn’t like that idea.


6 thoughts on “If you can’t stand the heat, give up deodorant

  1. Never would have believed either the shampoo or deodorant would have worked – but I guess seeing and smelling (or not) are believing!!! Proud of you for sticking with it – very gutsy ( not to mention time consuming ) considering you are around people at work everyday. Kinda like when you moved half way around the world all by yourself without knowing another soul – very gutsy!!! You go girl!!!

    • Hahahaha THAT would be the real test. Someone else suggested getting Hawk to drink tomato juice so he wouldn’t sweat so much after a ride lol As for my hair, the body and curl don’t bother me, it’s the texture that’s not lighting my fire…also the fact that it gets oily faster these days 😦

  2. I would consider giving it a try but can’t stomach tomato juice and not sure, given my power surges/personal seasons/hot flashes, it would be a fair assessment!

  3. I’ve been making my own natural products for years but only just got around to changing my deodorant. I tried your recipe and it works amazingly! Surprised at the result because I sweat a lot naturally, work in a hot environment and train every day. So I used this stuff yesterday and worked great, today I put it on and halfway through the day my underarms were stinging and noticed like a rash sort of thing that was like little spots… Any idea what might be causing this? Maybe I need to reduce the baking soda but will that make it less effective? Thanks for your awesome site by the way =D Hannah

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