Or you could just wash your hair in the dead sea

Math isn’t necessarily my thing (read “isn’t necessarily” as “isn’t in any way, shape, form or size”).  I find it easier to surround myself with calculators, rather than struggle through the world of numbers on my own (read “calculators” as “friends who are scientists, engineers, or actuaries”).  Needless to say, I’ve probably dumped about half a tub of baking soda on my head in the past 4 days.

How did I jump to this conclusion?  Well, we already know I’m not a talented mathematician – that’s a given.  The other important factor here is that baking soda shampoo does not foam, as regular shampoo would.  Thus, it is next-to-impossible to tell how much product is actually on your hair during the wash cycle.  Catching my drift?

So now you have two options.  The first (and the one a non-mathematician would favor) is to dump a more-than-generous helping onto your head and hope for the best.  The second (and the one, say, Archimedes would favor) is to calculate the exact amount of product it would take to clean hair of length “x,” and then pour only that amount onto your head.  I’m an option one kindof gal.

However, a word of caution to all you option oners: As I mentioned earlier, option one doesn’t allow for exact measures and could result (read “could” as “likely will”) in a large amount of baking soda making its way through your hair in a small amount of time.  But baking soda is a cleaning agent, right?  So no harm, no foul – wash away!  Not so fast.

I wonder if the Beach Boys noticed her surfer girl hair

You know that feeling when you’ve gone for an ocean swim and your hair gets all textured and beachy blow-drying in the salty sea air?  Yea, I’ve got that.  It’s strange – everything I read led me to believe that “no ’poo” would leave my hair softer and silkier.  Well say it ain’t so, Joe, but my hair feels like I just took a 2-hour dip in theDead Sea.

Don’t get me wrong – I’ve had no issues with cleanliness, oiliness, tangle or scent.  My hair is as clean as a whistle, and grime and oil catch up pretty quickly with a blonde.  The only problem I’m having is with the texture.

I’ve heard that baking soda can dry your hair out, and I’ve read several methods to counteract this by using less baking soda, washing your hair less often or substituting honey for vinegar as a conditioner.  But before I make any changes, I’m going to wait until the end of this week, just to be sure this texture issue can’t be blamed on the transition period.

In the meantime, a good way to monitor the amount of shampoo you’re using is to get a small-spouted container (something like a ketchup bottle) that will drip, rather than pour.  I’m using an old Herbal Essences shampoo bottle.  For the conditioner, I’ve found that a spray bottle is the easiest way to evenly distribute the vinegar/lemon water over my hair.

So until I figure out this texture thing, I’m banking on a bathing suit and surf board to get me by.  Gotta look the part.


3 thoughts on “Or you could just wash your hair in the dead sea

  1. Oh my…. this all natural shampoo and conditioner seems a bit involved. Do I see dreadlocks in your future??
    Also – how’s the deoderant holding up?

    • Fear not, my deodorant is holding up well, but I will have a short post on that tonight! As for dreadlocks, they just may well be in my future…and by “my” I mean “our” – after all, you all will have to smell my hair at family gatherings!

  2. To tell you the truth I am surprised (read shocked) that your hair care regimen is going this well. I feel the need for lather when I wash so I didn’t hold out much hope (read I feared the worst) for your baking soda shampoo. Your lemon/vinegar rinse could also be leaving your hair dry…don’t they both have astringent properties that could strip the oil from your lovely locks (read formerly shiny and lustrous tresses)? Maybe time to introduce a little EVOO to the mix.
    Maybe you should check the salad dressing aisle for your conditioner.

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