Tell me the truth, hairs; did my armpits put you up to this?

We’ve entered into an oily phase, I’m sorry to say.  How long this will last, there is no telling, but I’d like to make one point impeccably clear to my hairs: I have to go to work on Monday, and I can’t do that with an oil slick the size of the Exxon-Valdez scandal on the top of my head.

Luckily, I managed to make all of my outings in public this week with only the small problem of texture – it almost feels like I have mousse in my hair.  But this morning I woke up (after showering just last night) looking like I’d been living out of a tent for the past week (I guess I am becoming a dirty hippie).

And so I welcomed Oily on board as I have the other hair-care issues that have presented themselves in the past few days: I said hello, ushered it into the shower and closed the door as fast as possible.  I always hope we won’t meet again, but they usually come up with something.  As we speak, Oily, Greasy and Windblown are all planning a surprise party for me for later this evening; and Baking Soda, Vinegar and Lemon are topping the bill.

Now I know I’ve been promising to stick it out through the transition period and not make any changes until I’m out of the woods.  But those promises were made before I realized I was lost in the Amazon Rainforest.  Today I’ve decided to take action and make a few changes. 

Standing at my bathroom mirror this morning, I ran my fingers through my uninspired hair and noticed something.  It was tangled; but these weren’t your regular tangles.  My hairs just needed to be separated from one another – they were sticky.  Once I brushed through, my hair didn’t seem as oily, and the stickiness gave way to the windswept texture I’ve had all week.  Then I remembered: Lemon juice.

Sometimes I put lemon juice on my hair to lighten it while I’m at the beach.  And how does it make my hair feel?  Sticky, pliable and textured.  Is it possible that the lemon juice in my conditioner is working against me?  Not only is it possible – it’s probableSo today I’m mixing up a fresh batch of conditioner – 1 part Apple Cider Vinegar to 4 parts water.

I’ve also had an interesting cleansing suggestion from my aunt.  She said baking soda can be a useful dry shampoo (corn starch is as well; and both are coming in handy during this greasy period) and might work better if applied to dry hair and then rinsed.  So today I’ll leave my homemade shampoo out of the picture and use a bit of straight baking soda before getting in the shower. 

And at 3PM, it’s almost hair-washing time.  What do you wear to a surprise party you really don’t want to attend?


5 thoughts on “Tell me the truth, hairs; did my armpits put you up to this?

  1. I have to say – this whole process has become quite a “problem solving” set of events lately and you have risen to the task each time – offering new ideas and approaches every time you have been thrown a curve. Have you considered a change in careers – perhaps something in Washington??? They seem to be overwhelmed with problems needing ready solutions these days. I’m just sayin………………….

  2. Well, after raining all night, yesterday was extremely humid, I’m sure adding significantly to your challenge. Being a male with short hair, humidity isn’t a factor for me. When it’s raining cats and dogs or it’s warm and dry, I run a brush through a couple of times and I’m on my way. But as an observation, it seems that the amount of time females spend fixing their hair, as well as their “bad hair day” angst, is directly proportional to the amount of humidity in the air, commercial products or natural. All that aside, I thought your hair looked good last night. Keep-a-do!

    • This is true…Yesterday and Saturday were two of my worst days, and both were humid/rainy! Although, I don’t know that humidity causes grease, but might be worth looking into?

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