Don’t throw baking soda; it could get in someone’s eyes

This morning I washed my hair, and I saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

Ok, let’s step back for a minute.  My hair was still limp, lifeless and greasy-when-dry, but it was perhaps, slightly, a bit softer.  Cat steps, people; cat steps.  Trust me, when you’ve been having the worst hair day known to (wo)man since Medusa was born, any improvement is cause for a party featuring circus clowns and juggling baboons.

I followed my new regimen this morning: I washed my hair with just 1/2tsp. baking soda dissolved into 8oz. of water and followed with my usual vinegar rinse, concentrating the vinegar on my ponytail but NOT on my scalp.  After blow-drying, my hair was oil-packed along my scalp and at the back of my head.  But – and here’s the exciting part – I could tell almost as soon as I got out of the shower that my hair was marginally softer than it’s been in a week!!  So the verdict is in, everybody: I was using WAY too much baking soda!

Lemons, I heartily apologize, and I hope that you will happily join my hair care routine again soon (but not until the transition period is over – I don’t want to confuse my hair any more than it already is). 

In answer to the question that I’m sure is on everyone’s mind: Yes, I did have to go to work today.  And, no, I did not go with greasy hair.  But how is this possible??

Well, just scratch my head.  That’s right – give it a good scratch, nails and all – the way a gibbon would.  Just scratch my head and guess what you’ll find?  My favorite ingredient – baking soda, which is now my deodorant, shampoo and dry shampoo.

This is what the baking soda was like today

Last night, knowing that I’d probably have an oily head this morning, I put some BS into an old pepper shaker for optimal

dispensing.  It worked great: My oil disappeared (mostly) and my hair looked presentable.  And anywhere I went today it looked like someone was beating an antique rug on top of my head.

But seriously, I had a lot of BS in my hair today.  For the most part, it was not noticeable, but I ran to the bathroom just about every hour to make sure I didn’t look like I had a case of chronic dandruff.  Just because you couldn’t see it, though, doesn’t mean it wasn’t there.  Every time I touched my hair, I came away with dust.  My hands were grainy and needed washing.  Then they were drying out.  Papers were gritting across my desk.  It was like I was working in a sandbox.I believe in the sand between my toes; not buried in my scalp!  (But anything’s better than greasy!)


3 thoughts on “Don’t throw baking soda; it could get in someone’s eyes

  1. Have to say – your hair didn’t look oily, greasy or dirty when I saw you after work today. Maybe a little listless but definitely NOT dirty. Your description of your baking soda “presence” reminds me of the comic strip “Peanuts”. You might be too young a hippie to remember but one of the characters – “Pigpen” – didn’t bathe often and hence was always pictured with a cloud of dust around him – kinda like your cloud of baking soda. Anyhow – maybe just think of it as your own little halo hovering overhead. Stick with it !!!

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