Moisture Treatments are Coconuts!

As I write this, I am sitting on my bed, hair wrapped in a towel and steeped in baking soda and coconut oil.  Just as things had started to get better, I’ve gotten myself (and my hair) into my worst No ‘Poo pickle yet.  Pay attention – this one’s a doozy.

For two days now, I have reveled in an “almost solution” to my natural shampoo woes.  I had a very successful wash on Wednesday night with vinegar and tea, and last night’s lemon juice and tea rinse left my hair quite clean and rather voluminous, but maddeningly dry and coarse.  I felt quite confident today making vinegar and tea my new go-to No ‘Poos.

However, there’s a small possibility that my recent No ‘Poo victories got me just a tad audacious.  With my grease issues as good as under control, I felt it was high time (after just two semi-successful days) that I reined in my dryness problems.  A little confidence goes a long, long, long, long, long way.  How do I know this?  If it didn’t, I wouldn’t be sitting here with what feels like a never-ending pina colada wax stuck on my head.

After work today, I began researching leave-in moisture treatments to cure my dry, coarse straw-hair.  If I could solve the worst grease problem since half a slab of buttered salmon caught fire in our oven and had to be doused with flour, I could certainly implement a successful moisture treatment – no problemo!

I came across a coconut oil treatment that I thought would do some good.  Put a liberal amount of oil on your hair, cover it with a shower cap and let it stew for 30 minutes.  It seemed simple enough, I had coconut oil on-hand…what did I have to lose?

Famous.          Last.          Words.

I could so pull off this style right now…even as a blonde. Bazinga.

Let me give you a tip – coconut oil will cling to your hair like Gorilla Glue.  I give myself credit on this one: I kept at it.  I used baking soda and vinegar.  Then more concentrated baking soda and more concentrated vinegar.  And then more of each.  (Repeat this step 5x)

It took me about 10 minutes of vigorous washing and rubbing to get discouraged.  Another 10 minutes and I was in full-on panic mode.  My hair felt like a ball of soft candle wax from root to tip.  I could have molded it into a bust of Kate Middleton and offered it up to Madame Tussauds for a small fortune.

I poured on more baking soda, using up an entire bottle of a BS/water mixture; I squirted my hair with vinegar/water, then unscrewed the cap and just dumped it on.  Nothing.  I turned off the shower, boiled some water, poured it into the sink and dunked my head in.  Add BS and vinegar.  (Repeat 7x).

Then it dawned on me – perhaps I was mistaken about the end result.  Yes – of course!  Perhaps I was expecting my hair to feel normal, when really the end result was just this soft!!  I plugged in my hair dryer and worked over my entire head for a good five minutes until I realized it was doing nothing – my hair was soaked.  Not with water, but with oil.  I brushed through, and it looked like it had been starched and ironed.

Since I started to write this post, I’ve put my hair through the paces again.  I used dry baking soda (repeat 3x), soaked in vinegar and let it sit (repeat 4x), rinsed it all in water as hot as I could stand it (repeat 7x).

Yet, here I still sit.  Hair wrapped in a towel, powder of baking soda gritting in my ears, the smell of vinegar seeping from my pores, and a head full of coconut molded into the bust of Kate Middleton.  I figured I should do something with the time.


15 thoughts on “Moisture Treatments are Coconuts!

  1. EEEK sorry to hear the coconut didn’t work out. I did that with olive oil once and my hair was so greasy for the next 2 days. Look on the bright side, no work for 2 days! Maybe next time try adding a little bit of oil to something else? Maybe to your BS mixture? PS if you make your hair into anything Kate Middleton I WANT IT!

    • YES – from now on I’m DILUTING EVERYTHING and TESTING IT FIRST!!!!!! HAHA I never want a repeat of this again. And thanks for the olive oil tip – I’ve heard that’s a good treatment too, but I will stay far away from it now!!!!

  2. Have we ever heard the old saying “Just leave well enough alone” ??? And just when things were really looking up too. Maybe you gotta use a boatload of baking soda and corn starch as a dry shampoo to get that oil slick off your head.

    • ugh I hear ya. Like I just told Sanata – never again will I try anything without testing it first!!!!!! And, as you know from today’s trials, the baking soda/corn starch didn’t work this time 😦 I thought there was NOTHING baking soda couldn’t cure!

  3. This sounds awful! Try rinsing or soaking your hair in hot water, since the oil does become a waxy solid when it’s cold. Or adding the baking soda/vinegar to the warm water first, and squeezing out the excess from your hair?

    • I’ve tried ALL the homemade remedies I could…spent the day in the shower hahaha Now as a LAST RESORT, I’m putting conditioner on it, because I’ve heard that will get it out better than anything. I’m hoping it doesn’t take me back to No Poo sqaure one again!! Like I said – definitely should have followed your advice and tried just a smidge on a piece of my hair first!!! Never using anything again without a trial run first!!!! HAHA

    • Yes bandanas and hats are definitely a must for this hair!!!! I’m fairly certain that I used WAY too much coconut oil…such a shame because I like coconut oil, and this might put me off a little bit 😦

      • Ah well, it’s all part of a learning curve. It’s kind of a public service you’re performing by trying out all these techniques so everybody else can benefit from your experience. It’s not a mistake, it’s research!

    • Thanks – I like that link a lot! Maybe once this whole homemade thing is over (if I STILL haven’t found something I like), I’ll try some of the brands they recommend! As for my weekend schedule – you guessed it. I was basically in the bathroom all day….what was the weather?

  4. hey MNM,
    I am experiencing similar problems with going all natural. I have yet to find a natural product to keep my EXTREMELY oily hair looking and feeling clean, I’ve tried everything from baking soda and vinigar to witch hazel. I have although discovered that a mixture of equal parts black and chamomile tea (STEEPED!) works wonders for moisturizing. I soak my very long hair in it while its warm and then rinse with cold water(after shampooing with my organic–sadly store bought–Live Clean shampoo). I do this once weekly and it handles my split ends nicely (havent gotten my hair so much as trimmed, in three years!) If you have any more solutions for oily hair, they are much appreciated.
    xoxo peace &love, flowerchild

    • Hi Molly – Unfortunately, I found in the end that No Poo didn’t really do my hair any favors:
      So I’m off the No Poo Bandwagon right now. In terms of oil solutions, it sounds like you’re having the same trouble I had – oily hair that feels dry and looks dirty – not fun! I never found a great solution, but I will tell you that baby powder works WONDERS as a dry shampoo (however, I’ve heard from other readers that dry shampoo is a no-no when you’re No Pooing). I also tried tea – I used green, and it worked pretty well, but didn’t solve my troubles. Like you, I’m back to using store-bought shampoo. However, if you’re looking for more moisture, honey works great (and honey mixed with conditioner works even better)! You can mix up some honey and conditioner and use it as a deep conditioning treatment, leaving it on your hair for a few hours. My cousin has also had success with mashed avocado and banana as a deep conditioning, leave-in treatment. Good luck! Sorry I can’t be more help in getting rid of the oil, but I never seemed able to conquer that myself either! Are you still No Pooing now?

  5. Use dish soap! I found your blog because I was in the same predicament today, until my husband recommended dish soap. It worked! I’m using the no-poo method, but my hair was shampooed today when I got it cut at the salon. I came home and had the worst itchy dry scalp, and it felt sooo good to work coconut oil through my hair. Little did I know…

    • Thank you so much for sharing! I’m sorry to admit that I feel slightly happy to hear your story – it’s just kindof nice to know that someone else had this issue! Is it not the worst feeling in the world?? I was in despair for a good three days when this happened to me…so worried I’d have to cut all my hair off or wash it so many times it turned white or something! Hope No Poo is going well for you! And thanks for the tip – I’ll keep it in mind for the next time (hopefully never!!) that I try coconut oil moisturizer 🙂

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