Where do the bees keep it?

I’m on the hunt for beeswax.  I don’t know where the bees hide it, but it is not as easy to come by as you might think.  Seriously – how hard can it be to harvest this stuff?  I sat through the assembly with the beekeeper in second grade; I know how this goes.  You put on the HazMat suit, get the smoke (remember, smoke is relaxing to bees!), smoke them out and grab the goods.

Of course, I would do it, but I had an unfortunate encounter with a hornet when I was just a child, and it has kindof left me scarred.

The beeswax, obviously, is for my upcoming homemade lotion.  I’ve been researching natural lotions and balms, and I’m in the process of gathering my army for the next challenge.  It looks like olive oil, coconut oil (if I can overcome my fear), aloe vera and beeswax (if I can ever find it!) will be up to bat!

So, beekeep, I’ll have about two tablespoons of pure beeswax on the rocks.  On second thought, make it a double – I’ll probably screw up the first recipe.

And with little more to report aside from a WONDERFUL hair day today (Hallelujah!!), I’ve decided to tie up some loose ends that have accumulated since the beginning of this challenge:

The Lemon Juice Spritz – Since my first post about deodorant, I’ve been using lemon juice in my routine.  I started by simply swabbing it under my arms at night, but I liked the added fragrance, so I started applying it at night and in the morning.  These days, I put my lemon juice in a small spray bottle and spray on every night and every morning.  I’ve tried spraying it on before and after the powder and haven’t really noticed that one works better than the other.  ends that have accumulated since the beginning of this challenge:

Drink of the Gods – I’ve mentioned before about drinking vinegar instead of tomato juice to help stop sweat, but I’ve been too afraid of the taste to really give it a try.  But then someone told me how ancient cultures would drink vinegar and honey dissolved in a glass of water for a health boost.  Apparently organic vinegar is the ticket, because it has all the nutrients.  I bought some Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar for $2.99 and plan to give it a try tonight!

The Rotten Tea Bag – Remember that tea bag I put in my deodorant powder to add scent?  If you hadn’t already guessed, it went bad.  And remember those vanilla-extract-soaked cotton pads I tried after that?  Well, those went bad too.  Of course, “bad” is a relative term, so let’s just say after a week of living 10,000 leagues under my BS/CS mixture, all my scent infusers looked a bit dodgy.  Then I got the bright idea to add a few drops of vanilla extract directly to the powder.  It’s working much better.

There’s No Tea in Tree – Numerous people have tipped me off about the benefits of Essential Tea Tree Oil for its anti-fungal, natural preservative properties.  Apparently it’s great for hair as well (so, naturally, I’m in!).  I bought some Tea Tree Oil today for about $6 at Wegmans, and it is talking.  Let me tell you – it’ll clear your nasal passages better than a jalapeno pepper.  But once you diffuse it, it has a pleasant odor.  I’ve added just one drop to my deodorant and three drops to my shampoo.  Let’s watch it work its magic!

Don’t Call Me Organic – Believe it or not, I may have a solution to my coconut milk trials!  (I realize that after watching me flounder for almost a month now, you probably don’t believe me.)  But this actually makes sense!  I’ve told you my friend Sanata suggested coconut milk conditioner, so I’ve been using Silk Coconut Milk on my hair.  But then I realized I had skipped a word in Sanata’s email – she said I should buy a “can” of coconut milk, not a “carton.”  I’m postulating that the Silk Milk, which is not organic and has some additives, contains excess ingredients that might not agree with my hair. Today I found $1.99 Native Forest Organic Coconut Milk – in a CAN!  Ingredients: Organic Coconut Milk.

Aloe there, friend! – Since I’ve been using castile soap shampoo, I’ve noticed mucho improvements to my hair, but the ends have remained frustratingly frizzed and dry (like they can’t recover from some traumatic experience…).  Anyway, I’ve heard about the benefits of Aloe Vera juice and gel for hair (thanks, Sanata!!), so last night I added a tiny bit of Aloe gel to the very tips of my hair (I’ve learned to test things first since the Coconut Oil Debacle).  Worked like a charm!  Today I bought Lily of the Valley Whole Leaf Aloe Vera Juice for $4.59, and I’m experimenting with it for conditioner.

And don’t let those dogs fool you.  They have no idea where to get beeswax.


12 thoughts on “Where do the bees keep it?

  1. I think you might be able to find beeswax at a Sally’s or other ethnic hair store (obviously this might require a little travelling). It’s often used to maintain dreadlocks. If you still have trouble finding it, I can mail you some from around my way. I’ll be making a venture to a hair store this weekend! 🙂

  2. Wouldn’t they have beeswax at a health food store – like that Trader Joes’s or someplace healthy?? Haha – like I’d know healthy!!! Or there’s gotta be some kind of Beekeeper’s Association online – they would have to know – wouldn’t they? Other than that – guess you gotta wait till late summer when we hit the MD State Fair – they always have that beehive on display with all kinds of bee products for sale – member those honey sticks??? And there are always people more than willing to share their immense knowledge of everything bees!!! Very good post – you know I like tying up loose ends!!! But really – informative as well as entertaining. By the way – I’ll take the Golden in the bee costume (but don’t tell Daddy.)

  3. I have been wondering how your products are holding up since they contain no preservatives (you know me). If the tea tree oil doesn’t do the trick you might have to think about refrigeration….especially for the toothpaste.

  4. I am following faithfully but am a bit confused of what your actual routine is and what your product line consists of (although many would argue that I live in a constant state of confusion anyway)! Glad to hear of your successes – Keep up the good work. Now I am waiting to hear the bottom line to all and see how they compare moneywise!

    • Well, I’m formulating a FAQ page, so maybe one of the Qs I’ll put on there will be “What’s your daily routine?” and “How much time does all this take?”

  5. P.S. Mr. Hartman used to be a beekeeper and, although he has relocated, I still keep in contact with his wife through e-mail occassionally. If you want I could contact them and ask about beeswax?

    • Bee-lieve it or not (sorry, I totally had to), I actually found a beeswax hookup at a local farm…I interviewed the beekeeper for a story once!!! Then again, you never can have too much beeswax…..

  6. Another thought came to mind on locating beeswax ………………….. maybe Blake Shelton would know???

    Why do I always have to worry after Aunt Susie posts a comment???

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