Hair loves me, hair loves me not.

Hair.  I’m sure you will be just as enthusiastic to return to this subject as I am.

I’m not going to lie to you, people, I’m pretty heartbroken right now.  And frustrated.  And disappointed.  And confused.  I just don’t understand it.  If you have a Kleenex nearby, grab it, because this is raw emotion right here.

Since I’ve given up shampoo, my hair and I have had our disagreements: baking soda, coconut oil, coconut milk (just to name a few).  But we had an agreement after Dr. Bronner entered onto the scene – we decided that we would be friends.  Now, for some unknown reason, my hair has decided to renege on that promise.  It won’t return my phone calls, it never texts me back and we can’t have a conversation without flying at each other.  And the worst part is – we used to be so close.  As you know, I loved my hair with a capital L, but that was before all this No ‘Poo nonsense.  Now we’ve lost it all.

If you’re crying right now, then that makes two of us.

This weekend, my hair took a horrible step backward.  Friday night I washed it, and as if a switch had been turned back on, my scalp became a grease pit once again.  It looked awful, disgusting, dirty, lifeless.  On Saturday I washed again, and things got better, but not good.  The front of my head was clean, but the back was oily and limp.  Tonight’s wash saw my hair back up even farther: At this very moment it’s dark, dank and heavy.  I don’t know what this grease has promised, but my scalp has apparently sold its soul.

I keep going over last week’s shampoo regimen in my head (or out loud to anyone who will listen – my apologies to the lady behind me in church at the sign of peace), and the only thing that stands out is the Aloe that I added midweek.  However, before I do anything drastic (like giving up on Aloe or shaving my head), I think I’ll take some advice I got at the dinner table this evening.

My brother rarely (probably never) ponders my hair.  But this experiment and my infamous oil problems have provided enough of a daily curiosity that he has taken a slight interest in my ever-changing regimen.  As I lamented about all the horrible reactions my hair has had in the past few weeks to all the horrible treatments I’ve tried, my brother had a stroke of genius.

“Maybe after 23 years of using conventional shampoo, your hair just needs to get used to something different.  You’re probably shocking it with all these different things you’re putting on it all at once.”

I thought about it – it definitely made sense.  In the past 14 days alone, I’ve probably washed my hair 20 times and used 10 different products on it, trying to find a remedy for all my problems at once.  And all while my head is still trying to adjust to a lack of chemicals!  Of course it makes sense.  That kind of frenzy would drive anyone mad.

So maybe my hair does still love me!  It just gets confused and breaks down when I keep changing my mind and sending mixed signals.  I can’t be sure, but I’m definitely willing to give it a shot.

Tonight I’m resetting and washing one more time with traditional shampoo and conditioner.  Then this week, I will use only my homemade shampoo recipe (with trusty Dr. Bronner’s included) and only wash my hair once a day.  Then I will reassess next weekend. 

Don’t worry, hairs, I won’t give up.  We can work it out.


3 thoughts on “Hair loves me, hair loves me not.

  1. Oh my….. I did read correctly then! I read your reply on an earlier post and thought you had menitoned a new hair issue. So sorry to hear that. Seems like the hair thing is really challenging. Well, least the deoderant is working (it is still working isn’t it?)

  2. Sorry that you’ve taken a slide backward – but at least you have a plan. Helps to have a plan – makes us feel like we are headed somewhere – hopefully in the right direction. Can’t wait to see how things go this week. Good day , Sunshine!!!

  3. I guess it’s like introducing solid food to a baby…one thing at a time so if there is a problem you know what it is. Sounds like your bro had your back on this one.

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