K.I.S.S. Me, I’m Natural!

I wouldn’t say I love bees.  I’m fairly certain I’ve told you before that I had a caustic run-in with an unaccommodating hornet in my youth.

My cousin Amanda can attest to this event, which left both of us running for our lives from my childhood swing-set and eating birthday cake with toothpaste smeared on our reddened faces.  I can’t speak for Amanda, but I, for one, haven’t looked at a bee the same way since.  This incident also explains why I drop into the fetal position at the sight of a swing-set.

So no, I wouldn’t say I love bees.  However, there are certain things that I love about bees.  Namely: honey and wax.

The beeswax that I put in my homemade lotion has done me a real solid (no pun intended), seeing as it acts like the glue that holds the whole concoction together (which is particularly important when mixing water and oils – something I’m still working on).  I’ve also heard from reliable sources that beeswax is a valuable ingredient in natural lip balm, face moisturizers and soaps, and looking at my products list, I can say with 100% certainty that beeswax and I will cross paths again soon.

But at the moment, I’d like to turn your attention to honey and – once again (if you think you can stomach it) – my hair.  My personal hair guru, Sanata, has explained the moisturizing properties of honey, and I’ve actually incorporated it into previous shampoo/conditioner recipes.  But with my failed No ‘Poo experiment stripping my hair and turning it inside out, there was so much friendly fire that I couldn’t tell which ingredients were friend and which were foe.

My hair and I are now living by K.I.S.S. Law – Keep It Simple Stupid, and now that I’ve scaled back my all-natural hair experiment, it’s been much easier to spot friends.  Interestingly enough, one of my hair’s best buds appears to be Herbal Essences Hello Hydration, which gives my all-natural campaign exactly 0 points.  But, hey, at least I don’t have greasy hair anymore.

As a matter of fact, my new shampoo mixture (which is mixed to about 50% traditional shampoo and 50% homemade shampoo at the moment) leaves my hair more dry than usual.  In an attempt to keep things as simple as possible for my nonplussed tresses, I’m giving my hair one thing to deal with at a time.  However, now that I’ve been shamming uneventfully for a few weeks, I think it’s time to introduce the next step: moisturizer.

If you’re thinking what I’m thinking, then step away from the coconut oil.  I repeat: STEP AWAY FROM THE COCONUT OIL.

In an effort to steer completely clear of oils, I’ve done some research on homemade honey and aloe vera conditioners.  Apparently both are relatively close to human hair on the pH scale, which should get a big thumbs-up from all you scientists in the room.  So yesterday, I poured traditional TRESemmé conditioner into a travel-sized bottle and used that.  Afterwards, I topped off the container with my homemade conditioner.  Here’s what I’ve mixed up:

  • 1 oz. Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1 oz. Honey
  • 1 tbsp. Water

Three ingredients, because this is what I know about homemade beauty products: simpler is always better.  A gradual transition, because this is what I know about hair: it doesn’t like to be surprised.


6 thoughts on “K.I.S.S. Me, I’m Natural!

  1. Uh oh – just when I thought it was safe – we’re back to messing with your hair again. You’ll understand if I take cover.

    Good luck !!! ( I think for my own sake that might be all I’ll be saying on this particular topic.)

    • Would you like to take this back now, seeing as you said to me just the other day (and I quote), “You’re hair has been looking nice lately.” Point: Mother Nature.

    • Why thank you!! The pictures come from a variety of sources. Be careful, you might just see yourself up there one day (maybe one of those pix that were being passed around the dinner table last weekend….?)

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