Don’t trust your face; It doesn’t know what it wants

Isn’t there something you’re never supposed to put on your face?  Something heavy and long-lasting that’s hard to wash off and makes you break out like a child with chicken pox?

“How did you get such soft skin??”

Oh right, we usually call it oil.

All my life, I’ve heard the anti-oil mantra: Oily skin causes breakouts, so keep oil out of your beauty products and away from your face at all costs.  So naturally, in an effort to buck all tradition, throw conventional wisdom to the wind and voluntarily turn myself into one of the most unappealing human beings on the planet, I’ve decided to make a natural facial moisturizer that has a base of – and you might want to sit down for this, because anyone who has ever suffered even one pimple may have a conniption at this next word – OIL.  That’s right, I said “oil.”

Ok, please stop hitting your computer screen and making snide remarks about my psychological stability.  I realize that the smiling, clean-faced, fresh-skinned girls of television commercials who splash water all over their bathrooms while washing their faces (it’s just THAT rejuvenating!) have convinced us for years that the only way to get clear skin is with the “Oil-Free!” conventional product they just lathered on their faces.  However, I’m here to tell the world – or, rather, those people who read MNM – so, I’m here to tell all three of you that there is an oil controversy brewing as steadily as a vat of homemade face moisturizer.

Apparently, oil-based skin-care products are not as horrible as that enthusiastic splash queen on your TV wants you to think.  Your face’s best kept secret is that skin needs a bit of oil to stay healthy.   The trick is figuring out which oils are on your side.  Some natural oils, such as Tea Tree, have actually been found to be effective acne fighters, not causers.  That sounds like a reason to put healthy oils in face cream to me.  Plus, aside from all that, I have no idea how I would have gotten my face lotion to thicken or solidify without the oil, so I was pretty much backed into a corner on that front anyway.

Here’s my recipe, adapted from Herbal Well-Being:

  • 2/3 C Grapeseed Oil
  • 1/3 C Coconut Oil
  • 1 tsp. Cocoa Butter
  • 1 tbsp. Beeswax
  • 1/3 C Rose Water (I’m not sure if this ingredient is really essential – it smells nice, but it’s rather expensive)
  • 1/3 C Distilled Water
  • 1/3 C Aloe Vera Gel
  • 20 drops Vitamin E Oil
  • 3 drops Tea Tree Oil
  • Other Essential Oils (if you’re hoping for scent, I wouldn’t hold your breath – the coconut oil pretty much packs the punch here)

I melted the beeswax first in a double boiler, then I added the coconut oil and cocoa butter and let those melt.  Finally, I added the grapeseed oil.  After stirring all the heated oils together, I took my mixture off the heat and let it cool.  Herbal Well-Being suggests an hour of cooling time, but I just waited until the oils were at body temperature.  In a blender, I combined the rest of the ingredients and mixed them.  Then I added the oils into the blender.  Herbal Well-Being suggests that you add the oils very slowly, but for me it became more of a dump, because the oil kept sliding down the side of my pouring cup, forcing me to tip it a bit too aggressively, I’m afraid.

Now, I know this whole homemade face cream seems like a tremendous gamble, and I know what you’re thinking.  “But, Mother Nature’s Maid, how can you slather this homemade lotion all over your face?  People have been relying on chemicals for years; how do you know these natural ingredients won’t harm you?  This whole homemade face cream seems like a tremendous gamble.”

True.  Chemicals have been in our beauty products for years, but how long has Mother Nature been around?  I’d say a couple million years is pretty good experience.

Then again, hasn’t she also been responsible for the alligators all that time?  What happened to their skin?


7 thoughts on “Don’t trust your face; It doesn’t know what it wants

  1. I use a face wash that has almond oil or grape seed oil depending on the flavor and I find it prevents my face from oiling up over night. Same concept as hair, if you strip all the oil out, your body will just work twice a hard to replace it. Be sure your face is really clean first! Good luck!

    • I was about to say the same thing!! I recently began using Tail n’ Mane shampoo which is supposed to leave more natural oil in your hair than regular shampoo. As you know, I have fine hair that gets greasy in a second, but now I find that my hair stays cleaner way longer! Hopefully the lotion works the same way for you…I’m dying to hear how it goes!

      • Actually – speaking of hair – I find that my hair stays cleaner longer with my homemade shampoo, too! Perhaps my scalp is FINALLY recalibrating! (But more on that later.) The face moisturizer is working out really well! I love how light it is, and it seems to actually work!!! Next time I see you, I’ll bring some for you to try out, if you’re willing!

    • Yea I’ve been loving my face lotion! It feels pretty light, but it seems to work really well. I usually don’t have too many breakouts, but since I’ve started using my face lotion, I’ve only had one pimple (and it was pretty tiny)! I’ll have to keep grapeseed oil in mind for my face wash as well – thanks!

  2. I must say that you are a most courageous guinea pig – to put this experimental concoction all over your pretty little face. But I’m sure you did your research to know that it is safe – if for no other reason than to keep your nagging mother satisfied. Good luck!!!

    PS The blender never smelled so good!!!

    • So now that I’ve been using it and my face hasn’t melted off, do I have any takers – yourself or one of the Aunts, perhaps – to test it out? And remember – I now actually have those tiny jars that are the perfect size for “gift-giving”!

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