Hypothesis Disproved

I spent most of my day yesterday waiting for armpit stench.  I waited,




But much to my disappointment, it didn’t show.  Not one iota of body odor escaped from my underarms yesterday, and here’s the worst of it: There isn’t even a foul scent in the pits of the dry clean only jacket I wore.  And seeing as it’s been sitting post-sweat now for about 24 hours, it’s high time it accumulated something in the manner of odor.

It’s frustrating and infuriating, demoralizing and disheartening, perplexing and discouraging.  Why such harsh words?  Because today I proved that my natural, homemade deodorant recipe does not work as well as conventional brands.  Today I wore real deodorant.

That’s right – for the first time in about two months, I used a solid deodorant that came in a stick, rather than messy powder that came out of an old butter container labeled “Deod.”  It was an experiment, and my hypothesis was proven wrong.  Don’t you just hate science?

Last week, I spelled out (probably in far-too-honest terms) my problems with the formidable sweat stench that accumulates under the arms of my unfortunate dry clean only garments.  What is somewhat unusual is that, while the aforementioned accumulations happen as a steadfast rule with my DCO items after just one wearing, I find that smells do not necessarily build up in my regular garments, even if I don’t wash them right after wearing.  I am assuming this is because of the differences in fabrics.

“Why don’t I let my hair grow out? Um, why don’t I start wearing Birkenstocks and seeking validation of my opinions by asking: ‘Can you dig it?'”

I know, I know – all this runs counter to my “if you wear it, you wash it” Golden Rule of Nat. Deo., and no, I have not reneged on it.  I still recommend that my Little Maids stick to the Golden Rule – it’s better to be safe than to blow everyone away for all the wrong reasons.

One evening last week, while I was attempting to goad the sweat out of the underarms of a particular DCO jacket in my closet, my father suggested that perhaps a store-bought natural deodorant would fix the problem at its source – my armpits.  Perhaps, he dared to suggest, my homemade deodorant is just not strong enough.

I told him he had fallen off his rocker, because stale sweat smells no matter what.  The only way to stop the accumulation of sweat stench would be to stop the sweating, which all the store-bought natural deodorant in the world would not do.  But, in an attempt to humor him, I gave his experiment a shot.  Yesterday, I wore store-bought all-natural Arm & Hammer deodorant (another gift from my aunt in the emergency MNM kit I thought I would never use), and wore a DCO jacket.

Turns out my dad’s little experiment worked.  I still sweat – oh, did I ever sweat – but the fresh scent of the deodorant lingered all day (and was so reassuring).  And much to my dismay, the only smell left on my pits and on any of my clothes is a fresh one.  No sweat stench – just like that – not even on that DCO jacket.

Mother Nature, you’ve been schooled by science.  Bazinga!


6 thoughts on “Hypothesis Disproved

  1. Being as I’m the mother – I hate to have to admit this but maybe – just maybe – on this one specific occasion – regarding this one solitary issue – just maybe – dare I say it – “Father Knows Best” ??? And I’m not talking about Robert Young here . You might have to google this one to understand – young maid.

  2. Dare I suggest, after the comments from Darcy on your last post, that the problem with lingering issues in dry clean only garments could also be the reaction of the sweat with the dry cleaning chemicals. Don’t get me wrong, Darcy, I am not blaming the dry cleaners…MNM is the one who has done the sweating.

    • You know, I’ve heard interesting reviews on this. A lot of things I read during my research on how to cure the sweat smells in my DCO garments said that dry cleaning could make it worse (or – worst case scenario – set the smell in your clothing FOREVER!). However, these were personal accounts on the internet, so who knows how truthful they are (#1) and who knows how reputable the dry cleaner was, as Darcy mentioned (#2). And the saga continues…. As always, thanks for reading 🙂

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