Since when do you exfoliate? (A few character traits Mother Nature brings out in me)

I’ve never been one to exfoliate much.  It’s not that I don’t like to exfoliate – in fact, I love a good exfoliation just as much as the next guy.  I always find that it leaves my face nice and soft and does away with that annoying eyebrow dandruff that sets in during winter months.  But why waste time rubbing sand on your face when you could better use those precious minutes putting dry shampoo in your hair?

Is this how you exfoliate?

Of course, there’s nobody like Mother Nature to tell you who you really are, and as it turns out, I’m an exfoliater through and through!  I never would have guessed it two months ago, but I really enjoy using this homemade facial scrub:

  • ¼ C oatmeal – ground/powdered
  • ¼ C sugar
  • ¼ C coconut oil
  • 10 drops Vitamin E oil
  • The juice of 1 lemon

The concoction is a mixture of two recipes – one from my Herbal WellBeing book and the other from this wonderful DIY blog.  Of course, these herbal gurus will say that homemade facial scrub is all just fun and games.  Here’s what I say:

Herbal recipe says: “Your skin will feel soft and smooth but not greasy”

MNM says: Your skin will feel soft and smooth and greasy.  UNLESS you follow with a highly effective bar soap.  Must I bring back to your attention The Great Coconut Oil Debacle of 2012 to remind you how clingy this oil is?  If you’re using coconut oil, chances are you will be using a Brillo pad in the near future.  I am, however, glad that I didn’t follow this tip for my face – it probably would have left some scarring.  Plus, coconut oil seems to wash off skin much easier than I first anticipated.

No – THIS is how you exfoliate!

**Disclaimer: I think my facial scrub leaves my skin a little greasy, so I like to follow with a regular bar soap.  But I tend to prefer a squeaky-clean dry feeling for my skin, which may not be true for everyone.  I’d be interested to know what you Little Maids think if you try it for yourselves.

Herbal recipe says: “Most substances that are safe to eat are also safe to use on the skin”

MNM says: Amen to that.  Seriously – you will want to eat your exfoliator.  I was unsure about tasting mine at first, but all the ingredients are edible, so I tried a bit.  Next thing I know, I’m whipping up batch number two…because I ate the first one.

Herbal recipe says: “You’ll end up with a sugary paste”

MNM says: They mean “START OUT.”  You will start out with a sugary paste.  You will end up with – well, that depends on the season.  One of the properties of coconut oil is that it changes from liquid to solid based on its temperature.  If it’s winter, just go ahead and exfoliate with a brick.  If it’s summer, you may as well be scrubbing with breakfast-grade oatmeal.  

Herbal recipe says:“Be sure to tie up your hair or wear a shower cap, because it can get messy”

MNM says: Just make sure you do anything and everything necessary to keep the coconut oil out of your hair.  Wear a HazMat suit if it makes you feel more comfortable.  I vacuum pack my hair into an airtight space-saver bag before I begin this treatment.  It’s not a great look, but you know what’s worse?  Three days with your head stuck in a bathroom sink trying to get coconut oil out of your hair.   


11 thoughts on “Since when do you exfoliate? (A few character traits Mother Nature brings out in me)

  1. Sounds like scrubbing with your new exfoliatior would be a very satisfying experience – getting rid of all those non essential dead skin cells and debris that build up over time. Bet one would find a similar satisfaction in say —– purging ones bedroom floor and every other flat surface in said room from built up debris, clutter and clothing — even if it does leave a little bit of greasy coconut oil residue –

      • Ok, you three – next family gathering, I’m bringing exfoliator and we’ll all wash our faces!!!!! As for the bedroom floor, now that I’ve posted my RWR about disorganization, I can clean it up. Because I was really just waiting for that……it’s not that I just don’t feel like doing it or anything…

  2. I was brought here under the false pretense of a lot of cute puppies. I only see two….

    haha jk. your exfoliation recipe doubles as a healthy breakfast! Always remember, exfoliate and rub in circular motions, not up and down!

    • Ahh good tip!! Sometimes I do rub up and down – I’ll have to make sure I stop doing that! And not so sure I’d call it a “healthy” breakfast….it’s kindof got a ton of sugar in it lol

    • Thanks! Hope you enjoy the recipe if you make it! Also enjoying your website! I’m finding a little niche in the natural product arena, and it’s super helpful, since I really have very little idea what I’m doing 🙂

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