We know I can’t No ‘Poo, but Watch Me Sham Wow

I feel like I’ve been cheating you out of all the fun.  I know it’s been a joy ride following along with my homemade chapstick and homemade lotion and homemade sunscreen, but let’s not forget that in the meantime, I’ve been introducing my hair to a new natural care regimen.  Take it from me – the past few weeks have been a blast of a roller coaster ride.  I almost feel selfish waiting until now to share it all.  Drink some water, clear your throat and pop an aspirin – you may even want to sit down – because there’s some good, some bad and some plain old ugly.

The Good: I haven’t used dry shampoo in more than a month!  The best feeling in the world is going to bed and NOT worrying about grease that might greet you at the mirror in the morning.  The second best feeling in the world is NOT walking around in a dust cloud of powder that you put in your hair to soak up the grease that your homemade No ‘Poo can’t eradicate.  In short, my Sham works (fairly) well!!!!  I can treat my hair almost as I would with regular Poo.  My Sham doesn’t leave my hair greasy or dirty or waxy, and I’ve even started wearing my hair down again.  Plus, I’ve found natural curl – go figure!

The Bad: First – my Sham doesn’t foam like regular Poo.  Second – my honey hair moisturizer isn’t as readily spreadable as traditional conditioner.  Third – sometimes my ends feel dry and I think about testing homemade leave-in conditioners.  Fourth – Sometimes my hair still greases up faster than normal and I can’t figure out why.  Fifth – I tend to go through my honey hair moisturizer quite quickly (probably due to my dry ends…).  Aside from those minor problems (and believe me, compared to having coconut oil stuck in your hair, these problems are minor), all I have to say for my new recipe is Sham – WOW.

The Ugly:  Sometimes I cheat.  [Also, I once left my honey hair conditioner in without rinsing (I had read that honey can be a good leave-in treatment).  I woke up with waxed hair as stiff as a board – not recommended.]  But, yes, sometimes I cheat.  I know – it’s terrible, but let me explain.  I have a few bad hair habits.  First – when I’m anxious or bored or under a bit of stress, I have a nervous habit of touching my hair and running my fingers through my scalp (and, as we all know, your hands distribute oil faster than British Petroleum).  Second – when I’m driving, I like to put my windows down on the highway (and, as we all know, windswept hair tends to be tough and gritty hair).  So can you blame me when I look in the mirror some nights to see a greasy, gritty mess and don’t quite trust my all natural Sham to do the trick?  In that case, I just add a little bit of traditional shampoo to my Sham and mix it up.  Even a tiny bit of Herbal Essences mixed in helps create more lather and (I feel) a deeper clean.  See?  It’s more like a slip-up than actual cheating,anyway.  So don’t judge me – don’t you dare judge me.  At least not until you’ve had No Poo grease so thick in your hair that a match lit within a 10-yard radius of your head would blow you up like an atomic bomb.

Sham – WOW!

The Recipes:

Shampoo –

  • 1/4 C Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1/8 C Dr. Bronner’s liquid Castile Soap (IF that much – Dr. B can be quite drying)
  • 10 drops jojoba oil
  • 2 drops tea tree oil

Conditioner –

  • 1oz Aloe Vera Gel
  • 1oz Honey
  • 1tbsp Water
  • 10 drops jojoba oil
  • 2 drops tea tree oil

4 thoughts on “We know I can’t No ‘Poo, but Watch Me Sham Wow

  1. Have been wondering for awhile exactly what your hair regimen has been lately but almost afraid to ask. And there are so many unmarked little plastic bottles floating around – on the ledge of your tub, on the sink, in the large MNM plastic bin of concoctions and ingredients sitting next to the hamper, on your vanity, on your desk ( yes I said – DESK) – it kinda looks like a bottling plant gone awry. But for the most part – your hair does look clean and manageable these days and I DID notice you wore it down to Em’s graduation and it stayed nice . So “keepa do” as Daddy’s friend likes to say. And — I would never judge you – Charlotte!!! (Every once in a while I hear a movie in your blogs – haha)

    • Glad someone gets my movie references!! And those plastic bottles aren’t all shampoo – some are failed shampoo, but some are conditioner, some are mouthwash, some are toothpaste, and so on and so forth. It’s always fun to see what you’ll pick up!!

    • Usually I put the conditioner on the length of my hair only – like from my ears down. But I do notice sometimes that it can still look a little questionable at times, so that’s a good thought. I’m going to experiment with some leave-in conditioners this week, so I may scale back the amount of regular conditioner I use. We’ll see!!

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