Don’t call me disorganized; you just have bad taste

Some people say organization is an art.  I say those people have simply never seen a properly disordered room.

Art is everywhere.

A messy room begins with you.  You need to have a little bit of pack rat in you in order to create a good base of junk around which the rest of your disorder will be built.  Take a good amount of clothing, some shoes, a few old novels or textbooks, pictures, posters, bags, backpacks, a bunch of stuffed animals – and you’ve got the makings of an adequately cluttered mess.

In the middle of the floor, keep a sizable pile of clothing — some of it is clean and folded, some of it is just clean enough to wear again, some of it just never made its way into the hamper, some of it does not even belong to you.  I recommend periodically tossing a leaky water bottle somewhere into the mix so that all of your clothes will turn up damp for a few days.

It’s always good to keep a lint brush, a flashlight and a few shoes hidden underneath like land mines so you trip on them every time you walk into the room as a reminder you have got to get this disaster area cleaned up. The rest of your shoes will be corralled around the closet door to block it so it cannot be properly opened or closed.

Also strewn across the floor should be trash that could, but will not necessarily, prove useful: Last week’s newspaper, an empty wrapping-paper roll, Walmart bags that may or may not still contain merchandise, a half-completed crossword puzzle, scrap paper, a snapped rubber band, three empty Tide-To-Go pens.

I like to keep some important papers shuffled into the mix as well to ensure I’ll lose them before the date of their significance. A credit card bill that’s late in a week.  An absentee voter ballot that’s late in a month.  Money in any form – coins, bills, traveler’s checks (two extra points if you can add a Canadian Loonie to the mix…unless you’re from Canada– then it’s cheating).

The trick to this kind of untidiness is constant upkeep. Every time you shower, you have to leave the wet towel on your comforter. Whenever you open a drawer, you never close it.  If you’re changing your clothes, you cannot put the old outfit away in the closet.  Every so often, you should root through your piles in a frenzy – as if you’re trying to find something – so that things don’t stay in the same place for long.  And most importantly, you must always add something to the mess: A shoe box, a friend’s sweatshirt, a free giveaway (this could be anything from a coupon to a shot glass), an overnight bag that’s waiting to be unpacked.

Sometimes when I’m rooting through the mess I think to myself, “I’ve got to get this place cleaned up!”  But then I find what I’m looking for.

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11 thoughts on “Don’t call me disorganized; you just have bad taste

  1. I guess I could see the humor in this situation if it wasn’t located IN MY OWN HOUSE!!! Then it can get quite annoying and cumbersome and downright dangerous. Going into said room to say – close the window, or change the sheets, or on an especially ambitious day – running the vacuum!!! Then it becomes quite the challenge. I’ve taken to closing the door when company is expected and closing my eyes when I pass by the door. BUt therein lies the danger. This particular room is located right next to the steps and one of these days if I don’t open my eyes in time – well – you get the picture!!! But – hey – ya gotta love the maid!!!

    • I have offered up the opportunity for you to Guest Post on my blog about “Life With Mother Nature’s Maid.” Will you take me up on the opportunity to air your frustrations??

      • Haha – while I appreciate the offer of a public forum in which to air my grievances – don’t think my writing could live up to the high standard you have set!!!

  2. Step one in getting organized in this room is getting rid of those beanie babies. Maybe you can start there …… sell them on ebay and take the proceeds to add some add’l closet space.

    • And they will probably have some value at some point!!! Haven’t you ever looked at how much your beanie babies could be worth?? It’s ridiculous sometimes lol

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