Assorted Tales from Ocean City, MD (And How I Conquered the Fires of Mount Doom)

I don’t know why I love sunscreen.  Maybe it’s the smell.  Just a whiff takes me right to 144th Street Ocean City, MD.  Or maybe it’s the little Water Babies Cocker Spaniel.  You know – the one that tugs at the pigtailed girl’s bloomers.  So darn cute.

Or maybe it’s the fact that sunscreen is my only defense against a burn that sets my skin aflame like the blistering fires of Mount Doom.  Or so we always thought.  As it turns out, Mother Nature seems to have a solution for those blistering fires as well.

But first, let’s begin, as we always do, with the letdowns. There were no beached narwhals at Ocean City last weekend.

I know – I know – I had promised that my homemade sunscreen and its lack of absorption into human skin would leave me looking like the Ghost of Christmas Past (or a beached narwhal) on my trip to O.C. last weekend.  But Mother Nature – you gotta love this gal – threw me for a loop again.  Turns out my natural sunblock not only seems to protect against sunburn but also disappears into the skin (after some enthusiastic rubbing).

Now the second letdown: I have, once again, cheated.

I did not use just homemade sunblock last weekend.  Not wanting to leave my skin alone on the beach with nothing to fend off Mother Nature’s UV wrath except an experimental layer of homemade sun tan lotion, I applied traditional Coppertone to practically every inch of my skin.  (Don’t judge me until you’ve had sunburn so bad it melts the rubber bands off your braces.)  The only places I left to my homemade lotion were my arms below the shoulder.  (I chose the “below-the-shoulder” point of delineation because my shoulders burn so badly that I’ve been known to wear nothing but tube tops for several weeks after sun exposure.  This style does not go over well in a professional setting.)

So here’s the good news: If you’re pale, MNM might have a natural solution for that.  MNM’s homemade sunblock hasn’t been proven yet (I’ve only used it once and on the one part of my body that does not burn faster than a sheet of paper drenched in gasoline), but it looks promising.

My homemade sunscreen is highly concentrated, and a little bit goes a long way.  Because it has a coconut oil base, it’s a bit greasy, but no more so than traditional sunblock, and it is not sticky.  The smell is the only part that disappoints me: It’s nice and coconuty, but it fails to transport me to 144th Street Ocean City, MD (the real letdown).

If I can get over that, I might have a new favorite sun tan lotion.  Just don’t tell the Water Babies Cocker Spaniel…he’s so darn cute.


Some links from Dr. Mercola about what’s really in some conventional sunscreens:

Recipes that inspired my homemade sunscreen:


8 thoughts on “Assorted Tales from Ocean City, MD (And How I Conquered the Fires of Mount Doom)

  1. I do love the Coppertone scent as well, and it’s smell makes me feel like I’m right at me the beach. So, what I’m gonna do is use your sunscreen everywhere except right over my upper lip, where I’ll smear on a giant glob of Coppertone and smile all day long while I’m sitting in the sand.

    • An ingenious idea. And I wish I could participate, but I don’t know that MNM could approve of even that small bit of chemical. She is a complete purist. At least during this challenge.

  2. Maybe if you’re ACTUALLY sitting by the ocean at 144th it won’t matter whether it smells like you are or not??? Am really glad for your success – don’t wish your summer away – vacation and 144th will be here soon enough!!! Loved the post – and that picture – so darn cute!!!

  3. Another entertaining blog. If only you had put a little of your sunscreen on your poor cousin’s leg but she will survive.

    • Haha oh dear…..we shall never live this one down. It will be like Daniel’s infamous rug burn at Faby House!!! But, as we explained today, we actually did put some of my sunscreen on her leg and found the SECOND use for it – as an after-sun cream!! We all agreed that MNM’s sunblock seemed to help the burn!!

  4. Faby House Faby House Faby House….that small boy has become a lawyer – let it go! I guess I will live with that guilt forever LOL

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