Did You Just Put Money In Your Mouth?

My mother always told me never to put money near my mouth because “you have no idea how many people have handled it.”  But this never really made sense to me.  Sure I bought her whole shtick about the health risks of aimlessly chewing on a dollar bill, but what I really didn’t understand was why my parents kept money wrapped up in my mouth if it was, in fact, so unclean.

It seemed every time I turned around my mom and dad were telling me how much money they had wrapped up in my mouth.  For the four years that I had braces, I was never allowed to chew gum or eat an apple or bite my nails, all because my parents had money wrapped up in my mouth.

How did they get it in there?  Where did it go?  And what was so wrong about an apple?

Well, like mother (or father), like daughter.  Consider the money I’ve been throwing in my mouth over the past few weeks since I started using my homemade, all-natural mouthwash.


  • Listerine (1.5L): $5.97
  • TOTAL (1.5L): $5.97
  • PER OZ: $.12/oz


  • Water: $0
  • Aloe Vera Juice (16oz): $4.59
  • Baking Soda (16oz): $.54
  • Tea Tree EO (.5oz): $6
  • Spearmint EO (.5oz): $6
  • Peppermint Extract (1oz): $4.19 (optional)
  • TOTAL (34oz): $21.31
  • PER OZ: $.63/oz

But now consider what I’ve found from Dr. Mercola and other research: Studies show that alcohol in mouthwash can actually lead to oral health problems, including dry mouth, oral sores and staining of the teeth (from dyes).  Of course, on the one hand, you’re putting alcohol in your mouth; but, on the other hand, you’re putting money in your mouth.  And you should never put money near your mouth – you have no idea where it’s been.

Of course, as it turns out, I’ve been putting money in my own mouth at a rate of $.63/oz for the past few months now without even knowing it.  I certainly hope that apple I ate the other day won’t have any ill effects.


6 thoughts on “Did You Just Put Money In Your Mouth?

  1. But you didn’t address the most important issue – does the natural mouthwash work??? Cause you will definitely need it after chewing on all the dirty money!!!

  2. Maybe you could add just a tiny amount of alcohol into your mix for killing the bacteria, although it may already be in the extracts you are using. For flavor, instead of the EO, you could add some crushed fresh spearmint leaves that will be planted in the garden this week. Of course, that may be too time consuming, but it could be potent ………. and much less expensive.

    • That’s not a bad idea – there was some alcohol in the Peppermint Extract that I added. But Dr. Mercola says alcohol is really a bad way to go about getting fresh breath – he even says alcohol CONTRIBUTES to bad breath! As for the fresh mint leaves – I did put some in my mouthwash this time, and I think they do add more flavor! Plus, I feel really legit using home-grown ingredients!

    • Haha….Like I said – family!! This one actually is true to life. I guess I was a weird child, putting money in my mouth. And don’t even say it – I know I’m still weird. lol

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