This is Where You Start Your Bug-Out Plan

I am fairly certain that I’m beating the odds right now.  Think about what I’ve been putting on my face for the past 3 months.  First, there’s my exfoliator, which contains probably anywhere between 65 and 80 percent coconut oil.  Then there’s my face moisturizer: 1 and 2/3 cups of product, of which one full cup is oil (a mixture, this time, of grapeseed and coconut oils).  Even my sunscreen is heavily based in coconut oil (with some jojoba oil mixed in).  If conventional “oil free face” wisdom had its way right now, my face would be one bulbous pustule away from having its own TLC show.

But you have not seen me on TLC, in fact … if you had this blog would surely be getting quite a bit more traffic than it is right now.  So how is this possible?  How have I avoided the bulbous pustules that conventional wisdom claims should have cropped up on my face as soon as I even approached it with oil in any size, shape or form?  How have I managed to slather oil-based moisturizer on my face night after night without consequence?

I actually don’t know.  Mother Nature never ceases to amaze, I suppose.  But it is true – I’ve bucked conventional wisdom.  I’ve been using my homemade face moisturizer for several weeks now, and I’ve noticed no uncharacteristic breakouts, no exponential increase in pimple or pustule numbers.  My recipe seems to work just as well as the Cetaphil I swore by for so many years.  I can put it on overnight or ever use a dab in the morning before I put on makeup.  And all you need is a dab – a little bit goes a long way.  Another plus (as if we even need another): It saves me money!


  • Cetaphil Cream (3 oz.) = $6.87
  • PER OUNCE = $2.29/oz


  • Grapeseed Oil (16 oz) = $4.99
  • Coconut Oil (16 oz) = $12.19
  • Cocoa Butter (1oz) = $2.39
  • Beeswax (16 oz) = $9
  • Distilled Water (1 gal.) = $0.83
  • Aloe Vera Gel (12 oz) = $3.97
  • Vitamin E Oil (1 oz) = $12.99
  • Jojoba Oil (4oz) = $12.59
  • TOTAL (194.5 oz) = $57.85
  • PER OUNCE = $0.3/oz

As I mentioned, I made 1 and 2/3 cups of this lotion, which seems to be a lifetime supply.  I have no idea why I would need a lifetime supply of this (most likely) perishable item, but I guess a little extra face moisturizer never hurt anyone.  But for the average non-doomsday-prepper, I would recommend halving my recipe at least.  Unless, of course, you’d like a cost-effective, high yielding recipe for a homemade product you could make for yourself or give away as gifts … or stockpile in an underground bunker somewhere in case a severe water shortage or full-scale economic collapse should someday bring total anarchy.  Let’s bug out.


6 thoughts on “This is Where You Start Your Bug-Out Plan

  1. Guess you are too young to remember the commercial slogan of “a little dab’ll do”?
    It’s nice to hear of your continued successes! Where do we order more lip balm – Samantha is running low!

    • Yes – thanks for following my struggles and successes! I know there are some products that I’ll drop after this whole thing, but some I will definitely keep! And tell Samantha to let me know ANYTIME she’s running low! Hope she enjoys the new citrus blend!!!

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