Don’t let your hair walk all over itself

It’s really getting bad.  How do I know it’s really getting bad?  I’ve had the greatest week of my life.  Doesn’t sound that bad.  So how does it get that bad?

Let’s consider – the reason I had the greatest week of my life – and this is where it gets bad – is because I washed my hair.  See?  That’s sad.  This is where Mother Nature has taken me.  This is what my life has become: Throwing a party over using shampoo.  That’s more depressing than trying to figure out what that kid who wears a cape to school does on a Saturday night.

Anyway – I’ve been washing my hair with real shampoo.  Surprise, surprise.  My reverting back to traditional chemicals has long since ceased to amaze.  So what pushed me off the wagon this time?

So I’ve been trying out leave-in conditioners, and during this process I have to use real shampoo.  Otherwise, how would I know where the grease is coming from?  It’s basic science.  If my homemade shampoo always makes my hair greasy, then how do I know if something I add to this mix – leave-in conditioner, let’s say – is working or not?  Isn’t that variables or something?

Here’s my prime leave-in recipe that I found at The Make Your Own Zone:

  • 4 parts water
  • 1 part glycerin

I just spray this on my wet head after a shower, and it does seem to make my hair softer.  A dab of plain Aloe Vera also works, and I’ve heard of using oils – mainly jojoba, coconut and olive.  But, as you may expect, I’ve largely avoided that.  I did experiment with small dabs of jojoba oil, but it seems to add grease, so I cut that out right quick.

So now that I have a conclusion to the leave-in conditioner experiment, I guess that means I should consider giving the homemade shampoo another go.  Maybe Saturday night I’ll put on my cape and whip up another recipe.


6 thoughts on “Don’t let your hair walk all over itself

  1. Don’t know about you my Dear Maid – but I think it might be time to admit defeat at least in the realm of homemade hair products – especially homemade shampoo. I have never seen your hair look as bad as it has the past few months – not on a regular basis – but at various intervals off and on. And when it happens and you are getting ready to go somewhere – it ain’t a pretty sight. You have been a real trooper and hung in there way past when most would have thrown in the towel – you know – that one with the coconut oil on it. You have gone places with your hair in a snit – and bravely carried on – when I know you were self conscious – all in the name of your MNM blog. I congratulate you on your determination and know you are no quitter when you have a goal you are trying to reach – but I have to admit – I can’t wait to see the bottle of Tres Semme back in your shower again on a regular basis.

    • How coincidental that this comment came exactly on the day when I did decide to trash the natural shampoo/conditioner initiative entirely!! I guess it was like the perfect storm – everything coming together at once to convince me that my hair CANNOT no poo! I think I may try some other natural products – hair spray maybe? Lemon juice highlighter? But cou can be sure now that I will NEVER give up my shampoo chemicals again.

  2. I don’t think anyone is judging you for using shampoo! Good luck experimenting, I like the ingredients so far. You know how I feel about aloe vera 😉

    • Haha thanks!! I don’t know what I’m going to do about my hair, now that I’ve canned the all-natural shampoo/conditioner. It feels so nice now, and my hairdresser said most of my problems were coming from product build-up. I’m not sure whether I should just trash ALL my natural hair products and give up on that or if I should keep going (just within reason)….I’ll guess we’ll see!!

  3. MNM, have you tried using pre-made natural shampoos from the hippie aisle? They still lather and sud gloriously to get the grease out, but they don’t have the worst chemicals in them! Happy medium? I went through the same no-poo arc that you did, lasted about six months of mostly misery and here is what I use now:

    I absolutely love what you are doing and adore reading your posts! Thank you for sharing your trials!!! :*

    • Yes – I think I’m going to switch to store-bought natural shampoos/conditioners from now on. One of my rules was that I would make all of my own products, but as I said in my post, I CANNOT go back to what my hair was before. Such a disaster that was. From now on, I’m being much more discerning about what I put on my hair! I’m going to write down this brand – thanks for the tip 🙂

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