Follow me to No ‘Poo Hell, and then I’ll leave you there

Several weeks ago, in a No ‘Poo rage, I asked where one draws the line between persistence and idiocy.  That line, my friend, should be drawn before your No ‘Poo expenses exceed $50.  It should be drawn before you’ve attempted your fifth shampoo recipe.  It should probably be drawn directly after you make it out of the Great Coconut Oil Debacle alive.

Unfortunately, I did not draw this line and persisted on even when doing so was idiotic and against my (and my family’s) better judgment.  And that’s what landed me in a beauty shop chair last Friday with a hairdresser running her fingers through my locks and asking perplexedly, “So, what do we have going on with your hair?”

I scheduled an appointment for a trim, because I felt like I needed something – anything – to revitalize my hair from its dry, frizzy funk.  What I found out: I had let my hair gradually become such an utter mess that I was basically turning a blind eye to my plight.  I didn’t even realize how disgusting my hair truly has been the past several months until I felt it at the opposite extreme.

My hairdresser said I had serious product build-up, which was causing a lot of my problems.  She gave me a clarifying treatment, a wash, and a trim.  I could barely believe the difference.  It was soft and silky and shiny.  It had bounce and body.  I gushed over it like I’d never had hair before.  I felt like I was on What Not to Wear.  I slanted my rear view mirror toward me the whole ride home.

So, my days of hair struggles are over.  My days of baking soda and dry shampoo are over.  My days of frizzy, unmanageable rats’ nests are over.  My days of washing my hair three times before I’ve even eaten breakfast are over.  No more natural shampoo or conditioner for me.

“But, MNM, how can you give up?  What about going 100% natural?  What about the chemicals?  What about the beneficial natural scalp oils?”

Sorry, Little Maids – I can’t be your fearless No ‘Poo leader anymore.  I have felt the softness of chemically clean hair, and I am NOT going back!  Check that – I am NEVER going back!


10 thoughts on “Follow me to No ‘Poo Hell, and then I’ll leave you there

  1. Love this blog, love your decision to start using commercial shampoo again, and love the way your hair looks after your return to “the dark side”. Certainly, no one can question your persistence, that’s for sure.

    • Thank you – I can’t remember the last time I was this enamored with my hair…probably not since I bobbed it in college! I’m also incredibly happy with my decision to go back to commercial shampoo. I think I’ll start sampling some commercial natural alternatives – hopefully KMS CA has a natural line!!!!

  2. Like we were saying a few months ago after your latest hair drama – Maybe the story here is that natural shampoo DOES NOT in fact work as well ( or at all ) as regular shampoo. Nobody said all the natural products were going to be successful. You tried and tried and still no consistent success on natural shampoo. Isn’t it important to let your readers know that ? It isn’t giving up – maybe it’s just knowing when you have the story covered. Don’t they say that the definition of crazy (or stupidity) is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result? Anyhow Dearest Maid – you made a valiant effort and showed perseverance ( not to mention – courage in public ) beyond measure in your quest for a natural shampoo and I’m proud of you!!! Hey – I’m heading to Walmart tomorrow – how about a big shiny brand new bottle of Tres Semme? Would that lift your spirits??? Welcome back from the dark side !!!

    PS Your hair does look mah – va – lous !!!

    • It’s just so amazing to me that it got SO AWFUL and i didn’t realize HOW AWFUL until I felt it at the opposite extreme. I definitely agree with the sentiments on stupidity – like that quote about the fine line between persistence and idiocy – but they also say that love is blind. I was obviously just so intent on making things work between me and natural hair care that I couldn’t see we were actually hurting each other…. I think I will take that bottle of Tresemme, at least until I can find a suitable STORE-BOUGHT natural shampoo that I enjoy. I’ve had a few suggestions here on the blog and from the hairdresser as well, so I’m sure I can make natural work in SOME capacity. But I’m never letting my hair get gross again – that is OUT. I guess we’ve finally found how far I will go for MNM…..

  3. I can just imagine how good it felt to be chemically clarified and conditioned after all you have gone through the past few months. bet it’s great having your silky shiny flowing tresses back.

    • It really is difficult to convey my emotions on this one, Auntie Sue. I literally could not stop smiling on the car ride home after I got my hair fixed (fixed as in “repaired,” not “styled”). Even now – it’s been over a week – I can’t stop touching it, and I want to wear it down EVERY DAY just so I can see how much nicer it looks!! HAHA People who see me may wonder what I’m going on about, because my hair probably doesn’t seem that amazing to the casual observer, but it’s like a whole new head of hair to me!!!!

  4. I will have to join the masses MNM – welcome back! I’ve missed your beautiful blonde – soft, shiny, wish I had your hair, tresses. I commend you for your trials and persistence but am definitely glad you are back to commercial methods!
    I think this calls for a Green Gang celebratory get together?? Haven’t had one for…

    • It is SUCH a relief to have my hair back!!!!!! I’m amazed at just how bad it had gotten without my noticing! I knew something was wrong with my hair, but I couldn’t see really HOW MUCH was wrong with my hair!! Until you feel both ends of the hair spectrum (incredibly gross vs. incredibly soft), it’s hard to tell where your head falls!! I can definitely say I’ve felt at least the incredibly gross side and something near the soft side, and I absolutely prefer the soft side – hands down 🙂 I’m baaaaaaaaack!!!

  5. I just wrote a post about why I quit no poo too–so identify with some of what you’re talking about! If you want to try something organic, I use Aubrey Organics (Honesuckle Rose is great for highlights) and love it. And I tried a bunch of organic shampoos before this one that I hated. It’s a little weird getting used to the lower amount of lather but it does still lather if you add enough water. Otherwise, smells great, cleans my hair as well as any commercial shampoo, and I feel like my hair is healthier since using it. The only thing about organic shampoos is if you use a lot of styling products during the day the organic stuff is, in my opinion, not strong enough to prevent build up. Anyway, just thought I’d put in my 2 cents!

    • Thanks!! It makes me feel so much better to hear that other people failed at no poo as well haha – it confirms my belief that not ALL hairstyles can do it!! I do firmly believe that it depends entirely on your hair texture/type. Since quitting the natural shampoo/conditioner, I’ve had a few suggestions on store-bought organic/natural alternatives, so I’m going to have to sample all of them and see what I like best! Thanks for the suggestions – now I’ll know what to expect when I settle on a new store-bought poo!

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