Take the best shortcut you can find to make watery soap

As a child, one of the most valuable lessons I took away from Beauty and the Beast was that there are two kinds of shortcuts: Good shortcuts and bad shortcuts.  The good shortcuts are identifiable by the sunny atmosphere and the happy birds chirping; and the bad shortcuts are equally easy to identify by the ghastly setting and the eerie hooting of owls.  Your horse (Philippe) will instinctively recognize the good shortcut, but you (Maurice) will stubbornly disagree with him.

Your horse (Philippe) will instinctively recognize the good shortcut, but you (Maurice) will stubbornly disagree with him.


I took one of those shortcuts yesterday when I made liquid body wash / hand soap.  However, as soap does not have a sunny atmosphere or make an eerie sound (and I know my horse would take whichever shortcut would get him back to the barn fastest whether it be good or bad), I’m quite in a pickle trying to determine which type of shortcut I took.

This liquid soap recipe that I found (read more about it HERE) is not a complete homemade job.  It involves glycerin, water and – here’s where the shortcut comes in – a premade bar of soap.  Everything I’ve heard about making soap from scratch involves lye, which involves fumes, which involve chemical reactions, which involve explosion dangers.  Needless to say, when I came across a recipe that did not come with a “Warning: May burn off eyebrows,” I was in.

So – the shortcut.  I used a bar of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap, which – as we know from THIS post – meets MNM’s all-natural standards.  Here’s the recipe:

  • ½ C soap (grated)
  • 5 cups water
  • ½ tbsp glycerin
  • Grate the soap, mix all ingredients, heat until flakes are dissolved, allow to cool.

My homemade liquid soap works exactly like regular – it foams and cleans and rinses – with one major difference: My soap is the consistency of water.  Trying to cup it in your hands is like trying to catch a goldfish with your toes.  But I’ve read on Savvy Housekeeping that the soap may thicken upon standing for a few days, so we’ll see how that goes.

And if this recipe doesn’t work, I’m sure I could find a baking soda brew somewhere that would work as a bodily cleanser.  After all, we all know how successful BS is as a shampoo…

6 thoughts on “Take the best shortcut you can find to make watery soap

  1. Maybe a little coconut oil would thicken it up and bet you have plenty of that left. Pretty soon you will have your own line of products at Bath and Body.

    • I wonder who would buy my line. Would you three be up for it?? Or perhaps some sympathetic hippies? Or maybe some “nouveaux green” people who don’t know what awaits them with my sub-par products!! LOL

    • Well, this one smelled like Orange, because the bar soap I used to make it was an orange scent. The scent was actually pleasant…it was the consistency that was difficult…

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