You never give me your soap

Houston: We have thickening.

Yesterday, I told you about my troubles with soap soup, my little liquid bodywash recipe that yielded a right foamy concoction that had the consistency of … bottled water (read about it HERE).  Even though the mixture was thinner than a rice cracker, it worked quite swimmingly as a nice hand soap, but things didn’t go as well in the bathtub.  I had read that the soap can double as a bodywash, so I poured some on my washcloth and prepared to go to work.

Shocker – it failed.  It was like scrubbing with a Brillo pad – no smooth foam, no soap suds, just the harsh texture of water and washcloth.  Naturally, I continued dumping more of my soup on the washcloth to create some semblance of soap (because if this recipe is anything like my BS shampoo, more will absolutely work…).  In the end, I managed to create a few suds and a nice-smelling cleanse.  Plus, I’m sure the skin on my arms will grow back.

I have read on Savvy Housekeeping that the consistency of your soap mixture can really depend on the kind of bar soap you use in the first place.  At first, I assumed it must be the Dr. Bronner’s, and I had full intentions of remaking the entire concoction yesterday evening with double the bar soap and double the glycerin.  However, believe it or not, I came home from work yesterday to find a (somewhat) thickened homemade liquid soap.

But you can never be too sure, so I added a bit more soap and a bit more glycerin.

  • ¾ C bar soap (about half a bar); grated
  • 5 cups water
  • 1.5 tbsp glycerin

This new recipe is currently cooling on the stove, but I’m hoping it will turn into soap rather than soup this time.  Of course, if I was hoping for soap, perhaps I should have avoided the stove.

2 thoughts on “You never give me your soap

  1. I’m telling you – you can’t tell the kitchen from the bathroom in this house anymore !!! I go into the upstairs bathroom ( the one that our favorite Maid frequents ) and find huge bottles of apple cider vinegar, big yellow boxes of Arm and Hammer baking soda, and old, brown, empty banana peels ( oh – but that’s another blog altogether – maybe she’ll tell you about it sometime ) – you know – along with the usual bathroom staples like beeswax, tea tree oil, and peppermint extract – that everyone keeps on hand in their medicine cabinet over the bathroom sink. Then I head into the kitchen and find an empty shampoo bottle ( hey – at least it’s commercial ) sitting on the counter next to the stove where one of my saucepans is “cooling” on a burner with my whisk sticking out of it. I lift the whisk and trailing behind in in a long gooey strand is this white foamy “stuff” that resembles the consistency of doggie slobber ( in a cute way though – I do love my goldens ). I have been given strict orders from said Maid not to “disturb” it – which really doesn’t bother me too much as I don’t exactly have a great relationship with my stove or cooking utensils anyhow – as the Maid and the other guy ( the one with the banana peels ) will tell you. I do – however – have a great affinity for order and organization – and I gotta tell you – it’s starting to get to me a little. But I will continue to head to the bathroom for my kitchen pantry items and then back to the kitchen where the stove is brewing the next batch of body wash in my pots and pans – all in the name of MNM and her blog. But if the spaghetti tastes a bit – let’s say – soapy ??? – next time – well – I hope you understand. Love ya dear Maid !!!

    • And I’M telling YOU – blog with me!!!!!!!!! Or, as I’ve offered before – guest post??? I think Mother Nature’s Maid’s Mother would really take off! Plus, I’m sure Daniel would have the patience to teach you how to better use “the machine” in order to blog! Or, you could always join forces with me – but I would require you to test some of my products….would you be up to the challenge??? I’d love to have you on board, Mama Bear!

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