Walking the dog (Or blowing your nose in your washcloth)

Just giving him a bath!

Well this is gross.  Last week, I had difficulties with homemade liquid soap that had the consistency of split pea soup – in other words, not an appetizing body wash.  Then on Friday, I got a whole new set of difficulties when I tried to thicken the concoction by adding more soap and more glycerin.  The difficulty?  My “thickened” soap had the consistency of dog slobber … or snot.  In any case, I’d rather not slather either on my skin.  But guess what?  I did.

Of course I did – I’m Mother Nature’s Maid.  I’ve endured much fouler and more maddening hardships than slobbery, snotty body wash.  All things considered, this issue was a rather pleasant one – at least it smelled like Sweet Orange (thanks to Dr. Bronner’s and some essential oil).

I keep the soap in a small squeeze bottle and apply with a washcloth.  When it comes out of the bottle, it doesn’t look immediately dreadful – in fact, it’s an innocent-looking pearly white … like shark’s teeth.  You can find out that this is not your average body wash in one of two ways: Either you touch it (revealing a slippery, coagulated, semi-gelatinous mucous-like consistency) or you release your grip on the bottle (in which case every last drop of soap on your washcloth will be sucked back up in one long syrupy string like a strand of spaghetti).  This stuff is so gooey it’s like some malicious potion at Willy Wonka’s – you practically need a pair of scissors to sever it.

Once it’s on your washcloth, it’s quite pleasant to use, assuming you can get past the unnerving idea that you’re washing with mucous.  With more bar soap and glycerin added to the mix, the recipe has more suds (still not as much as conventional soap) and a pleasant scent.  However, I have plans to try something that may prove a bit more successful.  After all, if all I wanted was dog slobber, I have a much more readily available (and much more cuddly) source than this concoction.

A friend showed me this recipe for homemade body wash from the Little Seed Farm blog.  My current body wash may be useable, but it’s still not my cup of tea … or dog slobber … or snot.

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6 thoughts on “Walking the dog (Or blowing your nose in your washcloth)

  1. I think that if your formula is effective as a soap/body wash and the only problem is its consistency, don’t reworked it, just take a pair of scissors into the shower so it doesn’t suck back into the bottle. As far as it grossing you out, I’m sure there are a number of hair care products you use (or have used in the past) that have that a similar consistency, so it shouldn’t be too difficult to overcome the “yuk” factor. Plus, kids would probably love it for that reason …….. I say you have a winner!

    • THAT is true – perhaps I could sell this as a children’s bodywash!!! Dog Slobber Soap could be the next Green Ketchup!!! They’ll love it! I can think of at least two kids I know who would probably get a kick out of it…..

  2. That looks like Annie – right down to the white patches on her face, the curly hair around her neck and ear flap, and of course her very gentle demeanor – but who’s the baby??? I agree with Daddy – you have a very marketable kids item here – bodyslobber or bodysnot ( aka bodywash ). If you can get production up and running by autumn you could introduce it around Halloween and by Christmas it would be the most sought after stocking stuffer around !!!

    • Oh true – it would be perfect to release around Halloween! I’ll have to check with Johnson & Johnson and see what the possibilities are here…..

      Also – I suppose I do see Annie now, but when I first saw it, I thought Buckwheat!

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