Stop itching! (You’ll give yourself a hot spot!)

I really don’t want to say this.  In fact, I’m so disinclined to admit it that I’m actually having trouble putting pen to paper – or finger to keyboard.  Anyway, the method is not important – what is important is that what I am about to say could mean huge failure and subsequent disappointment and disillusionment for the Maid.

After absolutely gushing about my homemade body wash last week, I ended up with a rash.  Last weekend, I said goodbye to dog slobber soup soap and made a new homemade liquid soap that I thought was as good as gold.  It worked so swimmingly for nearly three days until the problems began.

Last Wednesday evening, I went horseback riding.  It was a stifling 90 degrees, so naturally I started to sweat.  But soon after I began sweating, I noticed an incredible itching, particularly on my stomach.  By the time I got home, I had the chicken-pox incarnate – but just on my stomach, with a few red bumps on my neck.  I took a nice cold shower, put some Aloe Vera on the rash and continued itching away.  Here are my ideas for potential causes:

  1. The heat – It was quite hot and humid that evening, and I was sweating, so perhaps I simply contracted heat rash. 
  2. The sunburn – I just recovered from terrible sunburn and since the peeling, I’ve got a lot of new sensitive skin on my stomach.  Perhaps all the sweat and dirt from the barn irritated my skin.
  3. The bodywash – Perhaps my new liquid soap is a terrible skin irritant that gives me the chicken pox incarnate.  But if this were actually the cause, why is the rash not all over my body?

The rash has lasted for a good few days, but it’s nearly gone by now (she says, idly itching her stomach).  In the meantime, I’ve stopped using my body wash until further notice.  Of course, I can’t say for sure that my soap is the cause; if I were a scientist, I’d say there were far too many variables involved to pinpoint a cause.  But since I’m not a scientist, I’ll just say: Dog slobber isn’t looking so bad, after all!


10 thoughts on “Stop itching! (You’ll give yourself a hot spot!)

  1. You did have a nasty rash and I’m so glad it is nearly gone. I agree that there are several variables at play here but still contend that the most likely culprit (unfortunately ) is your homemade bodywash . I mean if you look at the other possibilities – heat rash and sunburn – just doesn’t seem as likely. You have been coming home from the barn all sweaty and grubby after riding in the summer heat since you were knee high to a grasshopper – so why no itchy rash before??? And as for sunburn – well I’m sure there have been times in the last 24 years that you have had sunburn – right – and no rash developed. ( And of course you need to address how you got so sunburned – did the homemade sunscreen fail you – or was it user error ??? Another blog for another time – ) So we are left with the third possibility for your rash – the homemade bodywash. It’s certainly not a scientific study and I’m no Nancy Drew – but ……….. it sure does seem to point to that pesky bodywash doesn’t it ? It is a bit odd though that it only broke out on your stomach area – maybe because that area is always covered with clothing and rashes seem to enjoy warmer darker places ? Or perhaps your clothing was rubbing and irritating that particular area ? Anyhow – really glad this latest malady is subsiding – just in time for another week at the beach. Keep that Coppertone and Dial bar soap handy and hopefully it will be a rash – free vacation!!!

  2. Maybe it was hives. I got them once when I was a kid and it looked like mosquito bites all over my stomach ….. similar to what you had. Give the soap another try.

    • I think it WAS hives/heat rash that gave me those bumps, after all. So glad my soap is safe to use, because I really like it! I think this may be one of the products that I will continue to keep in my arsenal, even after the challenge is over! Glad you enjoy it as well!!

  3. Since it is only where you are covered by clothing, maybe it could be your laundry detergent or fabric softener. Going natural is turning out to be quite a bumpy road.

  4. Same laundry detergent I’ve been using for years and it is no dyes no perfumes etc. Don’t use fabric softener or dryer sheets.

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