I don’t want to fight acne if I have to give up chocolate

My father is a man of philosophies.  He has philosophies about everything from home heating to wearing tennis shoes at the beach.  One of his best theories is about the perils of junk food and how the omission of candy from one’s diet can cure almost any trouble – canker sores, cuts, bruises, freckles, near-sightedness, pimples.

I have dismissed most of his ideas as utter hokum for some 23 years, but I’ve recently been having second thoughts, and it all started with a string of pimples that appeared on my face in quick succession some two weeks ago.  It was just a few days after my birthday, and I had been allowing myself to indulge in all kinds of celebratory sweets for several days.  And then they appeared: Two bulbous spots on my chin … then another … and another.  My father surveyed the bumps judiciously (as if trying to read the fine print on my chin), shook his head and commented (predictably),

“Too much junk food – all that chocolate.”  (He spat out the word “chocolate” like it put a bad taste in his mouth.)

It’s never a convenient time to have pimples, but these appeared at just the right time.  About a week ago, I mixed up a nice acne-proof face wash from a recipe I found on Darling Louie, and I have been waiting for an opportunity to test it.

  • 3 tbsp raw honey
  • 25 drops Tea Tree EO

As a face wash, it is surprisingly effective.  I usually have huge problems with facial cleansers – so many of them leave my skin feeling slippery and oily, like it needs a good wash.  What is the point of that?  That’s like pouring mud in your washing machine and expecting the clothes to come clean.

This soap actually leaves my skin feeling clean and refreshed – the tea tree oil creates a tingling feeling on my skin, and it all washes away without a fight.  Another plus: it tastes amazing!  I can’t say that its acne-fighting powers are any stronger or weaker than a store-bought cleanser, but it certainly works just as well as anything else I’ve ever used, and it is an effective spot treatment!

Of course, I have it on good authority that you don’t even need an acne fighter if you can just stay away from chocolate in the first place.

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7 thoughts on “I don’t want to fight acne if I have to give up chocolate

  1. Dont despair, we are rooting for you.
    Try another deodorant recipe by melting 2 tbsp. shredded beeswax in the microwave. Stir in 1 tsp. cocoa butter, 1 tbsp. coconut oil, 8-12 drops rosemary oil or lavender oil and 1/4 tsp of liquid E (helps to slide on easier). Pour into a mold (old deodorant container). I made this two weeks ago and since I’m going through my changes the only thing that’s still dry on my body is my armpits lol. My sisters have asked that I make them some too. I got this recipe from frugalberry.com.

    As far as your hair is concerened try adding BS to your regular shampoo to raise the PH balance. Or you can mix BS, liquid (water, tea) and add 1 TBS of your shampoo to that. After 5 days make another batch with less shampoo. The trick is to allow your body to adjust to the poo-less method. Some poeple say it can take up to 2 full weeks. Stay strong, your doing great!!! 26 days and counting.

      • Haha no worries!! I’m ALWAYS glad to see a comment no matter where it shows up in the mix 🙂 As you’ve probably found out by now, all-natural-no-poo has turned into all-natural-storebought-paraben/sulfate-free-poo. A failure? Perhaps. But I’m pretty sure my hair would fall out if I put it through any more stress!!! Thanks for reading!!!

    • So I tried this deodorant recipe, and I really like it!!!! It’s not sloppy or oily, and it doesn’t get powder everywhere! And it kept me dry for a long time! I wonder if you could add some baking soda to it to act as more of a deodorizer? This is embarrassing to talk about (as if I care anymore! haha) – I think the smell faded earlier than my BS recipes and left me slightly…let’s say musty! I’ll experiment and do an update! Thanks for the heads’ up!!!

      • Hi MNM, You’re right about the baking soda. After my above post, I made more deodorants for my sisters. I thought the same thing about the BS (baking soda, NOT the BS my sister’s are giving me about my homemade products LOL) anyway, I added BS for smell factor AND corn starch for the absorbent factor. I also used shea butter not coco butter. It has a lighter scent (in my opinion). It worked out better and that’s no bs, lol. 😄 I hope all is going well and I’m looking forward to your next post. PS. I don’t care what anyone says, mullets rock!!!

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