I’m MNM, and I approve this message

I have a captive audience at the moment, and I don’t want to let this opportunity pass me by.  Someone has to give in

This is how it feels to use MNM’s Golden Bodywash!

soon.  I am currently in Ocean City, Md., in a small condo for a whole week with the rest of my three family members, all of whom I am actively trying to convince of the good merits of MNM bodywash.  Few of them are buying it.

I honestly have no idea why they are so reluctant to give it a shot.  No, I do not exactly have a good history with bodywash, considering that my first attempt at a liquid cleanser ended with dog slobber snot soup.  And yes, at one point I did speculate that one of my liquid soap recipes left me with a terrible bumpy, itching rash that I affectionately named the Chicken Pox Incarnate after dealing with it for more than a week.  But honestly, I gave up on the dog slobber soap, and I have found my second bodywash recipe to be completely innocent in the matter of the Chicken Pox.  (After the initial breakout, I stopped using my soap for a time and then began slowly re-introducing it.  I have had no further breakouts and now believe it was the heat that caused the rash.)

What’s more, I have found my second bodywash recipe to be completely heavenly!  I don’t know how anyone could turn down the opportunity to use it on their person!  It is the color of golden sand, lathers like bubble bath, moisturizes like a nice body lotion, doubles as a shave cream and leaves a lovely scent wherever it goes.  It works just as well as anything I have ever bought in a store, and I plan to add it to MNM’s hall of fame, which consists (so far) of only my homemade chapstick.

But don’t take my word for it!  At the moment, I have managed to attain one family endorsement from my dad, and he now describes my concoction with words like “great” and “moisturizing” and “just like the real thing.”  Honestly, don’t be nervous to give this recipe a try – with dog slobber and Chicken Pox Incarnate out of the ring, how bad could it really be?


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8 thoughts on “I’m MNM, and I approve this message

    • Oh no! I forgot the samples at the party!!! Don’t you guys worry – I’ll probably have to make a new batch before Amanda’s bday, so I’ll go ahead and make 16oz bottles for everybody!!!!!

  1. I’m Diddykong and I approve this bodywash. Fresh scented, non-greasy, super silky and luxurious, and it leaves your skin feeling smooth, clean and supple. Two thumbs up!

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