Accusations + Acne

MNM is on the run.  I have several dermatologists who are out to get me.

Do I know why?  Of course not!

Was it something I did?  Perhaps.

Are their accusations legitimate?  Probably.

So I went picketing in some dermatologists offices…I don’t think that’s anything to get so up-in-arms about.

Was I invited?  Of course not!

Was I touting and selling my own all-natural acne solutions?  Perhaps.

Was I obnoxious?  Probably.

But look here, I can’t help it if I want to share with the world the new effective and natural acne treatment I’ve found that zaps pimples faster than a fly on an electric fence.  Ok, maybe not that fast, but it does work pretty well.

The recipe began as a simple acne wash – a daily pimple preventative – but when I found myself faced with a gaggle of zits on a corner of my chin, I decided to smoke them out.  Just before bed, I took a pea-sized dab of my acne wash and coated the spots, and then covered them with a band-aid. By the next morning, the pimples were sortof soggy and, after a wash, were reduced to smooth red dots.  It still took a few days for them to disappear completely, but I think the treatment definitely helped.

But it’s not just the effectiveness that sells.  My homemade acne wash is actually cheaper than my favorite store-bought zit zapper.


  • Bioré Pore Unclogging Scrub (5oz.): $6.47
  • TOTAL (5oz.): $6.47
  • PER OZ: $1.29/oz


  • Honey (8oz.): $4
  • Tea Tree EO (0.5oz.): $6
  • TOTAL (8.5oz.): $10
  • PER OZ: $1.11/oz

Is MNM’s all-natural acne solution more expensive?  Of course not!

Will you prefer it to store-bought brands?  Perhaps.

Will it make you smell like a hippie?  Probably.

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