Walk A Mile

Big changes are going on at MNM.  BIG changes, people.  This is cataclysmic – you don’t want to miss this.

Hi! I’m Mother Nature’s Maid!

As we all know, my challenge is 29 weeks, 30 products, 1 girl.  Well, it’s still 29 weeks, and I’m still the one girl, but MNM is scaling back on her products.  Yes, that’s right.  I’ve gotta level with you, folks, MNM can’t cut it.  Here we are on September 4, I’m still 13 products in the hole, and I have the entire “make-up” category staring me in the face.  A frightening proposition.  So here’s a new one.

MNM proposes: MNM finishes out “The Basics,” “Skin Care,” “Hair Care,” and “Extras” (a total of 22 products) by October 1, 2012.  However, MNM will save “Make-up” for her next challenge, which will take place this winter.  Thoughts?

I know you’re disappointed, and you feel that the infallible MNM has failed, let you down, even given up.  But before you bring the gavel down, let me level with you again:

MNM is tired.  MNM is tired of finding powdered deodorant in the sink and oily deodorant on her clothes.  She’s tired of toothpaste that doesn’t foam and perfume that doesn’t last and lip gloss that doesn’t sparkle and lotion that doesn’t rub in for 20 minutes.  MNM is tired of hunting for mold on her personal care products before she uses them and she doesn’t want to salvage any more olive jars from her mother’s kitchen.

What’s more, MNM hates to sweat, and she doesn’t want to do it anymore!  She hates to be sunburned, and she doesn’t want to risk it anymore!  She hates to cook, and she doesn’t want to slave over a pot full of bodywash anymore!  MNM is tired of failed recipes and research and $20-per-ounce essential oils, tired of grating beeswax with a vegetable peeler and downing tomato juice like it’s her job and checking herself for body odor at least five times a day.

MNM has had it with Mother Nature!  Whether this natural crap works or not, whether it’s cheaper or not, whether it’s more effective or not, whether it’s healthier or not – MNM needs a good few weeks of pre-packaged, chemically preserved, store-bought beauty products before she tackles 13 more natural recipes.

But before that, I’ve gotta snuggle up to Mother Nature for 26 more days for five recipes.  This is going to be close quarters, and it might smell.  Would you believe she doesn’t use deodorant?

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3 thoughts on “Walk A Mile

  1. Based on what I’ve seen you endure over the last few months – the good, the bad and the ugly – I think you’ve earned the right to reschedule your product line in any way you deem necessary in order to preserve your own sanity. Hey – does this mean that all the misc jars of “stuff” can be put away for awhile and your room and bathroom could actually just look like your room and bathroom – rather than like some laboratory or warehouse??? Just asking – Hey the mother of MNM needs a break too!!!

    PS I hope this won’t affect your RWR commentary which I have grown to anticipate and enjoy.

    • Thank you for your support (as per usual!)!! And trust me – once October 1st comes, I will be moving all those dusty jars and smart balance containers OUT of my room and bathroom (aka the lab)……with the sole purpose of making room for makeup fixings!!!! Excited???

  2. Boy time does fly by…seems like only yesterday you started this journey and now we are down to the last few weeks. Bet you are looking forward to splurging on commercial beauty products. What are you going to do with all your free time?

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