Business in the Front, Party in the Back

I love blind dates.  I know a lot of people hate them, but for a girl like MNM, blind dates are ideal.  First of all, if it’s a blind date, then this dude likely has no idea that I don’t wear deodorant.  Second of all, he will also have no idea that I rock a mullet.

Consider my date last night.  It was blind – just the way I like it.  And he seemed to think that my mullet was pretty epic (right away he sent a photo of me to all his buddies – he must really be interested!).  Things started out pretty good: Conversation was flowing, and I didn’t smell anything on my side of the table.  Then suddenly, as I was reaching up to hand my plate to our waitress, I saw my date’s nose start to crinkle.  He leaned forward slightly… and there it was: The sniff.  I panicked:

“I’m so sorry – I have this-this crazy blog, and I sortof…don’t…use … I have this-this… Well– think of what you put, like, on your body every – well every day!”  I prattled on for a good 10 minutes, reaching for anything in my path that wasn’t nailed down and promised to refresh an armpit or two: Lemon wedges, hand sanitizer, ice, napkins, tea leaves, parsley, sirloin.

“Are you drunk,” he demanded, sniffing again – this time outright smelling.  “You smell like … straight vodka!”

I flung the steak back on his plate and clutched at my hair.  The vodka hairspray!

“I’m not drunk – I’m not!” I was following him to the door by this time.  “It’s this-this blog – I’m telling you!  I’m-I’m – right now I’m using vodka for a – it’s a recipe that I’m using-”

The door closed.

“To make hairspray,” I finished.

I walked to the bathroom to rinse the rareness of the steak off my pits, and as I leaned over the sink, I smelled it too!  Straight vodka!  But it wasn’t my hair, and suddenly I knew: It was coming from the shirt that had been spilled on a week earlier and missed its wash.  I bounced back into the dining room shouting,

“I spilled vodka on my shirt!  I spilled vodka on my shirt!”

They escorted me out.  But the point is: My hairspray works great!

It costs less the store-bought spray I usually buy, doesn’t make my hair sticky or filmy, and brushes out easily.  That said, it doesn’t have the strongest hold.  However, I assume more lemon juice might do the trick.  The instruction video, which I received through an email suggestion, was quite open-ended.  It looks like this recipe can really be tweaked to anyone’s individual needs.  Watch the Homemade Hairspray Video HERE 

What’s not to love about a mullet?

Now here’s the economic breakdown.


  • Tresemmé Extra-Firm Control (14.6 oz): $4.48
  • PER OZ: $.31/oz


  • Vodka (750ml): $13
  • Lemon Juice (32oz): $2.49
  • TOTAL (65.36oz): $15.49
  • PER OZ: $.24/oz

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9 thoughts on “Business in the Front, Party in the Back

  1. Sounds like a dream (or should I say – nightmare) I’ve been having about you ever since you started this project so many months ago. The sirloin never appeared in the dream but I love it for comic relief!!!

    As Auntie S said – I can totally picture Tina Fey or Kristen Wieg playing your part in the movie version!!!


    • I also had that nightmare throughout the entire challenge!!! Let’s hope it never ACTUALLY happens…how embarrassing. On the other hand, I could get over the embarrassment if this scene made it onto SNL. hahaha

  2. I think the vodka scent would be a rather pleasant fragrance. Maybe try substituting it for the essential oils in your perfume formula ……. may be a hit.

    • OR why not just use flavored vodka for a more fruity scent? How about our old trusty friend that is the second half our cranberry vodkas, raspberry smirnoff? Im kinda being serious, kinda not. Actually, I kinda just want a drink now…

    • I believe the vodka scent all boils off in the hairspray. However, the spray does have a nice fruity scent – probably more from the lemons than from the orange vodka I used. On the other hand, I have thought about substituting flavored vodka for some of the oils in my perfume as you suggest. I think orange vodka would work well there also! An interesting experiment for sure.

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