All you really need for successful soap is just foam

And it all comes down to six days.  After all that – after greasy lotion, dry shampoo, slobbery soap, dried-on sweat, coconut hair, dry hair, greasy hair, powdered hair and who knows how many ounces of tomato juice – it all comes down to six more days.  I remember a day when MNM wasn’t sure she would make it through this challenge at all…that day was yesterday.

If I’m being honest, August was a lazy month for MNM.  If I could grade MNM’s performance last month, I would say something like a D.  Just TWO new products?  Is this for real?  Unfortunately, it is for real, because here we are with just six days left in the challenge, and I still have two complicated recipes left (bar soap and nail polish) and no idea where to find Kaolin Clay Powder or Alkanet Root.  In between my search for obscure ingredients, I’ve been cooking and brewing and recycling like a fiend.

My latest recycled recipe is for hand wash, and let me tell you – it’s a winner. 

  • ¼ C aloe vera gel
  • ¼ C liquid castile soap
  • 2 TBSP olive oil
  • ¼ C warm water
  • 20 drops Vitamin E oil
  • Mix ingredients together in a foaming handsoap container; shake well.  Shake before use.

This is actually a take off of my successful shave cream recipe, believe it or not.  In fact, the only substitution is the 2 tablespoons of olive oil in my hand soap compared to the 1 tablespoon of grapeseed oil in my shave cream.  I did this for increased moisture in my hand soap for the winter months, however, these recipes are really interchangeable.

The soap is nice and foamy (thanks to the foaming soap bottle), it rinses clean and leaves your skin nicely moisturized.  And the best part: This hand wash has earned a place at my family’s kitchen sink.  Point: Rachel.


4 thoughts on “All you really need for successful soap is just foam

  1. Can’t believe you are neary finished with your challenge. I certainly hope that won’t be the end to your hilarious blog – especially the RWR’s – my personal favorite. Although purging every crevice of the house of old water bottles filled with the unknown, reused olive jars sitting on the bathroom counter next to the toothbrushes, extracts, roots, gels, and oils of every fragrance, baking soda boxes and vinegar bottles on you bedroom vanity, and my ultimate favorite – hunks of glistening golden beeswax sitting on your desk – THAT I will welcome!!! But keep the blog up and running. Checking in on whatever you happen to be ranting over for the day has become a highly anticipated part of MY day – especially for the comic relief it is sure to provide. Keep writing dear Maid.

    Your foaming handsoap is great!!! The scent is lovely, the foam luxurious, and it does leave your hands feeling silky soft. I think you have a winner!!!

    • Wow, when I think back on the foaming hand soap, it seems like ages ago that I tacked it!! Don’t worry – I plan to keep MNM up-and-running, and hopefully now that the challenge is over I will have some more time for RWRs! I do plan to start another challenge eventually (who knows what that will be….), so I think I’ll defer clean-up efforts until I figure out what I’m doing next. After all, you never know what you’ll need or be able to recycle!!! LOL

  2. I can’t believe your journey to going natural is almost at an end. Do continue writing…what would we do without your quirky sense of humor.

    • Oh don’t worry – I will certainly keep writing! I’ve grown to love this blog like a child! You can expect more RWRs, more posts AND more challenges!!! Thanks for keeping up!

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