Let dry for several days (and don’t touch anything)

At the moment Mother Nature’s Maid is typing with just two fingers, attempting to keep a light-orange oil mixture that is congealing on my nails off of my keyboard.  I’m not succeeding.  My shift key is shiny with oil.

Blog nails! (Too bad they’re not mine…)

The light orange substance is supposed to be nail polish, but in most circles, it would be considered nothing of the sort.  For one thing, I’ve always heard that nail polish dries.  I’ve had this substance on my nails for more than half an hour, and it’s about as close to drying as I am to getting married.  In other words: I’ll probably be dead before it dries.

To be quite honest, MNM is nonplussed at the moment.  And I mean that in both senses of the word: The correct and incorrect sense.  In the correct sense of the word, I am completely confused about what is going on on top of my nails right now.  They’re shiny and they have a color on them (even if it is somewhat ugly), but the polish is just collecting dog hair like a fly trap.  It is not soaking in, and it is not drying.  If this is nail polish, then it’s the nail polish from hell.  “Oh you want to paint your nails for the prom?  Here – put this on then don’t touch anything for…the entire night.”

MNM is also nonplussed in the incorrect sense of the word – I am unimpressed with this nail polish product.  When I read this recipe on Girlishh, I actually didn’t have much hope.  But then as I cooked and applied, hope sprung anew.  The substance spread nicely and actually had color, even though I substituted paprika for the recommended alkanet root (I mean, really, who has heard of alkanet?  And while the old MNM would have gone to the ends of the earth to find the root, the new MNM doesn’t like to spend money and decides to make do with what she has.)

  • 3 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tsp paprika
  • 1/4tsp beeswax
  • 2 drops Vitamin E oil

So here I sit.  Will this eventually dry?  Will it stain my nails?  Should I wait 10 more minutes?  Should I just wipe it off and see what happens?  What color will it be when it does whatever kindof “setting” it needs to do?  Judging by what’s on my nails now…well I guess we could call it Orioles Orange.  (No, too light.)  Let’s call it Halloween Fun.  (No, I think you need black and orange for Halloween colors.)  Ok…let’s call it Ugly.  Either way, MNM is still nonplussed…in both senses of the word.

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13 thoughts on “Let dry for several days (and don’t touch anything)

  1. Nonplussed – now there’s a word I never use cause I can never remember what it actually means cause it doesn’t sound like what it actually means. Do you know what I mean? I mean if you look it up – nonplussed means confused right? But if you say the word nonplussed or hear the word nonplussed it doesn’t sound like a word that means confused does it? To me it sounds like it would mean unimpressed. Which is why I never use the word nonplussed – cause I’d end up misusing it cause it doesn’t sound like what it actually means. Kinda like the word gregarious. Doesn’t it just shout – life of the party or an over the top outgoing individual?? But if you look it up it simply means sociable or enjoying the company of others. Sorry – to me gregarious sounds like sociable on steroids. But I digress. I’ll leave all that to the wordsmiths out there – or maybe to a future RWR post idea – huh??? What we are really here to discuss is nail polish. Hopefully it is dry by now and didn’t get that transparent looking orange hue all over your pretty pink bedsheets. Now that I think of it – it kind of reminded me of the color of the dyed Easter eggs Dot used to make. She made her own homemade egg dye – right up your alley my dear Maid – out of onion skins I believe – and dyed all her eggs with the same concoction each year for Easter day butting. You might think they would all have turned out the same color but not really – some soaked up more of the “dye” and were a dark rich crimson while others didn’t retain as much color and were a much lighter shade – more of an orange really – very much like the shade on your nails last night. The egg dye did dry into the eggs though. How about your nail polish???

      • HAHA loved the comment L&K M – and I think you know how the onion skin dye actually turned out! lol It may not have created the best color, but at least it stuck to my nails…somewhat! And I agree, Auntie Sue, and I have suggested this to L&K M xo MULTIPLE times!!! I’m going to pitch the idea of a guest post….perhaps something about the post-challenge clean-up?? As always, ladies, thanks for following :)))

    • I know 😦 Unfortunately, I never really trounced the nail polish. And what I did get to stick to my nails was such a terrible color I’d never do it again!! Oh well – can’t win them all!

  2. Also – wanted to thank you for all your replies – I finally found them by looking back on ALL of your old blog posts. I never got anything telling me you had replied so I never knew you had. User error on my part I’m sure. Maybe one day I will figure out this “machine”. Haha – who am I kidding? We both know that won’t happen. Anyhow – thanks for all your replies – I know it must be all consuming for you – timewise.

    • It seems lots of people have this problem – you’re not the only one, don’t worry. The way to ensure that you get notifications about responses is to check the box that says “Notify me of follow-up comments via email” (this is at the bottom of the reply space, just left of the “post comment” button). This way, you’ll get emails when anybody responds to you. Voila!

  3. Loved the “nonplussed” rambling! What a great word, too. It’s always fun to use it and watch people become nonplussed themselves because they think that what you are saying is that you are unimpressed, when you are obviously shocked to the point of speechlessness. Also, just remember for your future posts that if you use the word “unique”, it is not a modifiable word. Something is either “unique” or “not unique”, it can’t be “very unique” or “a little bit unique”. But you already knew that, I’m sure, you are the Maid! Another idea for an RWR post. Word of the week.

    • Bet you could really get yourself in hot water using that pesky word “nonplussed” especially when you are thinking you are using a synonym for confused and the person you are speaking with thinks you are saying you are “unimpressed”.

      • HAHA Yes I do love using “nonplussed”…such a funny word, because it is so often misunderstood. But some of this we have to blame on English, I think. I mean, nonplussed just doesn’t sound like what it means, and it sounds uncannily like something that it doesn’t mean at all…..Foiled again by the English language!

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