It’s the new Mother Nature taking over

So here we are.  After 6 months, 22 products and 72 bad hair days, here we are.  It is finally October 1: The day that has lived in infamy in the forefront of my brain for nearly 200 days now.  It’s the day that signifies the final 24 hours of my all-natural whirlwind of a challenge.  With my nails stained an unappetizing yellow-brown and a bar of soap “drying” on the counter, I am finally finished!  So I guess this is the end of the road, then.  Well, all I can say is….


Hallelujah! Holy shit! Where’s the Tylenol??

Certain Dri, here I come!  It’s been fun being Mother Nature’s Maid these past 29 weeks (and by that I mean about as fun as sitting next to Regis and Kelly on an 8 hour flight across the Atlantic… “Oh my gosh, Reg, what did Joy say??  What did she say, Reg?”).  But let me be honest with you all: I”m tired of sweating.  I’ve tried my hand at natural deodorant, and it didn’t kill me, but I can’t say my pits have acclimated enough to wear a light color to a picnic on a 95-degree day (you sweaters out there know exactly what I’m talking about).  I’m tired of sweating, and I’m not going to do it anymore.

I’m mad as hell, and I’m not going to take this anymore!

All sweating aside, though, I can say that I’ve made it six months with Mother Nature, and neither of us has died.  In fact, I’ve learned quite a bit, and found several recipes to keep in my repertoire for my own personal use and for gifts (so you better hope I’m not your Secret Santa this year!).  Perhaps, in the end, Mother Nature and I could even become friends.  Truce?

True friends are always together in spirit.

But on a final, more serious note, I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in this challenge in any capacity, because you have all helped me make it through.  And that’s no sarcasm.  If I had a better memory and access to more stationary, I would send you all birthday cards from now until eternity!  In all honesty, this challenge would not have been half as much fun if I hadn’t had most of the people I know asking me about my sweating habits and hair conditions on a weekly basis.

Let me touch your hair!

I wouldn’t have come up with any successful recipes if I hadn’t had friends and family lending me recipe books, sending me newspaper clippings of all-natural tips, and showing me websites and links with new ideas.  And I never would have even made it without my family tirelessly commenting, tirelessly reading, tirelessly working around the meth lab of a workspace I created in the house and tirelessly putting up with me these past few months.  So I guess the last thing to say is…


We did great, and I’m grateful. So thank you! Thank you, Phil Davis, from the bottom of my heart.


9 thoughts on “It’s the new Mother Nature taking over

  1. It may have been a long 29 weeks for you but you done good MNM!
    Even if some of your trials were not as successful as you had hoped, even if your sweating has not gone away, even if your hair has to be subjected to commercial products and even if your bathroom has become a laboratory…. you brightened our days and brought smiles, sometimes even out loud laughter to your followers world wide and we thank you!
    Now onto your next blog… we are eagerly awaiting!

    • Thanks, Aunt P!! I’m so glad you enjoyed! And I must thank you for following through thick and thin! Your comments always brought encouragement!! As for the next blog….I have a few ideas…perhaps we can discuss those at Thanksgiving!!!! haha

  2. CONGRATULATIONS dear Maid on setting a goal and sticking with it – through thick and thin, sweat and grease, baking soda and coconut oil . But seriously – well done !!! I am amazed at the level of discipline, dedication and perseverance you brought to this project from start to finish. I don’t know too many people (certainly not moi) who would have put up with all that you endured for the last six months – certainly not voluntarily and most certainly not without combat pay!! But you made it and I applaud your efforts. Your entertaining and creative posts have been the highlight of my day these past few months – and the first place I ventured each morning. I will miss them tremendously Miss Stacy!!! Hope you will continue your RWR’s and maybe even come up with a new and exciting project to blog over. Your talented writing deserves to be shared and read. So – know how very proud I am of all your endeavors including this most recent one. Can’t wait to read the next chapter – wherever it leads. Love ya dear Maid –

    • Thank you for reading every day and following for these long 6 months!! Even when the bathroom looked like a meth lab, even when my room smelled like a hippie’s backyard, even when the refrigerator was filled with tiny containers of who-knew-what, I could always count on your comment in the morning!! Of course I will continue on – who knows what the next challenge will bring? Food? Makeup? Whatever it is, it’s bound to be messy!! haha
      PS – enjoyed the Anne reference, once again!

    • Thank you!!! Thanks for following through the challenge! And I’m so glad you’re using my experiences!! I know I don’t know much, but hopefully there is something to be gained from my many failures 🙂 LOL

    • Thank you for following!!! Your comments always provided insights, tips, and tricks that I hadn’t thought of before! As for what’s next – we’ll see. Too bad I’m already a vegetarian – I could have done that for a challenge….with guest posts from Andy and Sammy!! HEY – that’s not a bad idea! A FAMILY CHALLENGE!!!!! Thoughts???

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