Don’t call me stubborn; just let me keep hugging this tree

This isn’t what I had planned at all.  I was definitely expecting a more encouraging result after having finished my all-natural challenge.  I thought that once people knew I was off my powder deodorant and baking soda toothpaste that I would begin to see more positives.  Real talk: I thought I would be getting more dates, people.  What gives?

Unless…maybe…you don’t think…

No, I’m dismissing the idea that perhaps it is my looks or personality that is considered unsuitable.  There is no way my unique look and fun idiosyncrasies are actually a turn off.  No way, because they’re exactly what I said: “unique” and “fun.”  Who doesn’t like unique and fun??  Nobody.  So my sorry love luck must have to do with the fact that I haven’t actually given up my natural products.

Thaaat’s right, guys.  Turns out old habits die hard.  Three days out and the only traditional products I can force myself to use again are my Certain Dri (I’m going to get this sweating back under control without drinking my body weight in tomato juice) and my toothpaste (and only because I ran out of my natural brew).  And even that still felt wrong.  It’s as if I have the opportunity to join the socially accepted, chemically cleaned human race once again, and I won’t even take it!

For example, since last night I’ve used my Goldwell dualsenses Green shampoo and conditioner, my foaming soap shave cream, and my Golden Bodywash in the shower.  I did apply Certain Dri overnight (HALLELUJAH!!), but went back to my baking soda deodorant in the morning.  Before bed, I applied a small amount of honey and tea tree oil to a pimple on my chin, and I used good old Colgate toothpaste.  I moisturized my newly shaven legs with my heavy olive-oil-based lotion, I sprayed my office-appropriate bun with vodka/lemon, and I’ve never stopped using my homemade chapstick for a minute.

So where is the MNM who was so tired of failed recipes and research and $20-per-ounce essential oils?  Where is the MNM who was so tired of grating beeswax with a vegetable peeler and downing tomato juice like it’s her job and checking herself for body odor at least five times a day?  Where is the MNM who had had it with Mother Nature?  Trust me, I’m as nonplussed as you are.

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4 thoughts on “Don’t call me stubborn; just let me keep hugging this tree

    • Here’s another potential argument for why I shouldn’t clean up the meth lab yet (aside from shear laziness……): it would be the end of an era! It would mean MNM was finally packing up and moving out (figuratively, of course…it’s not like I’m actually going to move out). Do you think the family could handle such a sad and depressing event right now?

    • Oh yes please!!! I love the little containers – they’re so hard to come by, yet SO useful!!! And, seeing as I can’t tear myself away from product-making, it looks like I’ll still be needing recycled containers! Thanks!

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