If I could say one thing to Mother Nature, I’d say it with a hug (And if I were brave, I’d say it another way…)

Mother Nature’s Maid was recently featured on Joan & Mariah’s Reviews!  Joan & Riah’s is a website run by two women who provide helpful reviews of all kinds of products, services and events, and I was recently asked to write a guest post for the site.  I can tell you’re anxious.  Not for the maid, but for Mother Nature herself.  If MNM is going to write a review of Mother Nature, it is bound to be 95% UNfavorable, an incredibly scathing and truthful exposé of my sweaty, greasy, oily six months in Hippieville, right?

Well, I must admit that a scathing exposé might have been my first instinct.  But, really, Mother Nature and I did much more than just butt heads during the challenge – we bonded.  Yes, I had failures – plenty of them.  But, let’s be honest, we really do learn a lot from failures; and even if we don’t, they usually become a great and hilarious story.

For my post on Joan & Riah’s, I looked at my best and worst products from the past six months.  And yes – I narrowed it down to one worst product.  Enjoy!

The best……..and the worst!

Let me tell you something about Mother Nature: She has a nasty sense of humor.  You know how people say God has a sense of humor when they get a flat tire after cutting someone off on the highway?  That’s child’s play compared to the tricks Mother Nature has in store…….Click here to continue!!



6 thoughts on “If I could say one thing to Mother Nature, I’d say it with a hug (And if I were brave, I’d say it another way…)

  1. Didn’t know you were writing a guest post on another site – Congrats dear Maid!!! I would definitely agree – those no poo days were traumatic but I would also nominate going to church with a head full of coconut oil and the many days of natural deodorant ( and I use the term ” deodorant” loosely) that saw you up to your pits in sweat stains right up there in the top three most challenging periods. As for successes – your body wash is great but I would definitely include your creamy lip balm on that list as well. Once again – Congratulations on your guest post !!! So proud of you!!!

    • This comment exactly describes my thoughts as I was trying to pick just ONE best product and (more importantly) just ONE worst product! I couldn’t decide! Thanks for remembering all my trials and tribulations, along with the few successes I had!! haha Now I’m thinking of doing another post to rank all my products from best to worst….THAT would be difficult!

  2. Congrats as a guest poster! (or might that be grammatically incorrect – hahaha). It was a great post. I think your cousin might agree with L&K M XO – your lip balm is a tremendous hit. I would love to try your body wash. Hmm – seems like a great Christmas gift exchange item!

    • HAHA Looking back now it seems rather ironic that you suggested putting the body wash into the Christmas gift exchange, considering it happened!! lol So glad you and Auntie S are enjoying your samples – plenty more where that came from! Thanks for the congrats!

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