You’re a hipster, riding your unicycle to REI

Aaaaand she’s back.  Boom.  My mother is probably so surprised to see a comeback post that she’s spilling her morning OJ on her computer as we speak.

I know you’re all probably just as excited about MNM’s comeback as you were about the Return of the Spice Girls in 2007/2008, and I can’t tell you how much I’m looking forward to being back on the wagon.  However, unlike the Spice Girls, I have no “zig-a-zig-ah.”  Sorry, but I’m just not as exciting as Sporty, Posh, Baby, Scary, and Ginger.

Tell me watcha want!

Tell me watcha want!

“But, MNM, why – after two months and 16 days of silence – did you choose to grace us with a new post on February 7?  Why?”

Of course I could have taken any number of opportunities in the past two months and 16 days to make this comeback (and do it at a more leisurely pace), but MNM is a procrastinator.  If it’s not due the next day, then it’s not yet time to worry, let alone panic.  So it’s only fitting that I should be under the gun during this comeback…under the gun because (SPOILER ALERT!) I’m taking on a new challenge beginning March 1!  (And before I take on Challenge 2: Maid Up, I have a few things to finish from Challenge 1).

When I finished Challenge 1 on October 1, 2012, I knew there were a few things still left to do, namely:

  • cost analysis on 12 of the 22 products I tested
  • updates on 8 of the 22 products I tested
  • the “where is she now?” post
  • ranking the products

But after six months of No ‘Poo, no deodorant and no free time, MNM needed a week off…and then another…and another…and here we are.  With just 22 days to finish up.

So let’s get down to hand soap.  If you remember, I made a pretty successful brew back in September out of Aloe Vera Gel, Dr. Bronner’s Castile Soap, olive oil, Vitamin E oil, and warm water.  The soap works pretty well, although I think I went a little heavy on the olive oil (my mother claims that the only reason she doesn’t use it is because it leaves her hands feeling a little slick, and I must say I think she’s telling the truth, because I’ve noticed a bit of the same).

The soap has been lovingly displayed on the edge of the kitchen sink for about four months (getting occasional use), and we still have some left, so it seems to be a pretty good value.  However, I found that my homemade soap is actually more expensive than our regular store-bought variety.


  • Equate Antibacterial Hand Soap (7.5 oz) = $0.98
  • PER OUNCE = $0.13/oz


  • Aloe Vera Gel (12 oz) = $3.97
  • Castile Soap (16 oz) = $9
  • Olive Oil (16 oz) = $5.44
  • Water (I don’t count this)
  • Vitamin E Oil (1 oz) = $12.99
  • TOTAL (45 oz) = $31.40
  • PER OUNCE = $0.70/oz

So you’re paying a little extra for this soap…and you have to make it on your own…and it leaves your hands a little – ummm – glossy.  But look at the upside!  You don’t buy your soap off the shelf at Walmart, you made it yourself!  You’re a rebel!  You’re bucking the system!  You’re unconventional!  You’re a hipster, riding your unicycle to REI in a flannel shirt and vest with a kite attached to the handlebars (even though you have none on your unicycle) and a few literary magazines and a Jack Kerouac novel in the front basket.

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11 thoughts on “You’re a hipster, riding your unicycle to REI

  1. Good morning my dear Maid. I would have commented earlier but was busy cleaning the OJ off this keyboard. What a surprise – well – not totally – as I have been watching you for quite awhile now – hunched over your laptop, fingers tapping away, with nary (sp?) a glance at the beckoning tv screen – which could only mean one thing – THE MAID IS ON HER WAY BACK!!! And now all is right with the world!!!

  2. PS – Perhaps if you cut back on the amount of olive oil in the hand soap you might bring your cost down a bit AND reduce the slick residue left on the hands.

    • I knew it would be the OJ! haha Thanks for the welcome back! And yes, I will definitely lower the olive oil content the next time I make the hand soap. I think it will just about do the trick!!

  3. Hey Maid, I am totally nonplussed(the correct meaning of the word, btw)! …… I’ve missed you so much, and it’s wonderful to see you back to the dark world of blogging. And with a new challenge to boot!! I do feel a bit left out, tho, as the products you are making this go around will not be the kinds of items I would use. Unless, of course, I become a hipster and would like to darken my eyebrows just a bit. BTW — I really like the hand soap. My hands tend to be on the dry side and they feel nice and soft after washing with your soap.

    • Ah yes, I’m sure the hipsters would love that!! Glad you enjoy the soap! As an aside, you may want to try some of MNM’s deep moisturizing lotion on your hands, as they have been disturbingly dry lately (no offense meant, of course…). It’s not good for during the day, unless you want to have an accident because of an inability to grip the steering wheel of your car…but it makes a great overnight treatment!

  4. I have been checking in periodically but you were nowhere to be found…so glad you are back. If the soap you gave us for Christmas is the same as the hand soap then I do not notice any residue. I love it…love the smell and the way it leaves my skin. Reminds me of something you would find in a spa. (And btw…I am out so next time you whip up a batch, keep your old auntie in mind.) Looking forward to following you in your new adventures.

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