Don’t be an angry cat just because you have to pay more for body wash

How much should you be willing to pay to be clean?  As in, how much can you be willing to spend without being vain?  And how little without being disgusting?  I’d say that depends on who you are and how dirty you are.

Trust me, you’ll feel better than this when you cleanse with my Golden Body Wash.

Suppose you’re an outdoorsman camping in the woods for a weekend?  Spend an unusual amount for soap, and I’d definitely call you vain.

Now suppose you’re a teacher in a classroom full of 30 kindergartners in the middle of flu season?  Yea, you’re going to want to pay a pretty penny for some strong antibacterial soap.

But if you are prepared to pay a pretty penny for some lovely soap, you’ll want to spend it on MNM’s Golden Bodywash.  Similar to my face wash, this product has been passed through much of my family and, I’m happy to say, has received rave reviews.  Since I have absolutely no shame, I’ve gone through family and friends, shoving this recipe under the nose of anyone willing to try it (or anyone who seemed so kind that they would not risk hurting my feelings by rejecting my greenish-brown concoction).  And guess what?  The people love it.

Assuming that no one is lying in order to maintain family peace, most of my guinea pigs have responded that the wash is moisturizing, fragrant and cleansing; and assuming no one has thrown their free sample down the drain, everyone has enjoyed every last drop.

What I especially love about this soap is that it has multiple uses.  It’s a great body wash, but I’ve also used it as a face wash, shave cream and hand soap.  At $0.24 per ounce, the Golden Body Wash costs more than store-bought hand soap ($0.13 per ounce) and store-bought body wash ($0.17 per ounce).  However, it is more economical than store-bought face wash ($0.71 per ounce) and store-bought shave cream ($0.35 per ounce).

Store Bought:

  • St. Ives Oatmeal & Shea Butter Body Wash (24 oz): $3.97
  • PER OUNCE: $0.17/oz


  • Oats (18oz): $2.14
  • Chamomile (.71 oz): $3.00
  • Distilled Water (128 oz): $0.83
  • Lavender EO (0.5 oz): $10.29
  • Coconut Oil (16 oz): $12.19
  • Grapeseed Oil (16 oz): $4.99
  • Honey (8 oz): $4
  • Dr. Bronner’s (16 oz): $9
  • Aloe Vera Gel (12 oz): $3.97
  • Guar Gum (8 oz): $3.99
  • TOTAL (222.21 oz): $53.72
  • PER OUNCE: $0.24/oz

So how much should you be willing to pay to be clean?  I’d say at least $0.25 per ounce.  Definitely.

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7 thoughts on “Don’t be an angry cat just because you have to pay more for body wash

    • The funny thing is that when I chose the cat, I knew I’d get some feedback from your direction about picking the wrong species hahaha I actually was debating between dog and cat, but once I found this completely nonplussed (in the wrong sense) drenched cat, I knew it was a winner!

  1. I didn’t have to pay anything for your bodywash …….. and still thought it was much better than the store brand, by far. BTW – I know a dog that has a strange resemblance to that cat.

    • I also enjoy this bodywash and now prefer it to the store brand I usually buy. I guess nature IS better in some capacities.

      And I think I know which dog you mean…the same one that eats birds probably

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