You know that line between natural and excessive sweating? Yea, it’s back there…

Now, as we all know, I’m willing to set myself back a pretty penny for deodorant.  If it’s got enough moisture-blocking power to hold back the Hoover Dam and promises to scar armpits for life, count me in a million times over.  I’m there.

Just how much am I willing to set myself back for a dry pit at the end of an 8-hour day?  A pit that can take to the subway and hold the “tall people’s” grab-bar?  Oh, pretty much anywhere between “Ouch” and “Boiiiing.”


THE TAB! How much??

  • Certain Dri (1.2 oz): $4.96
  • Ban (2.6 oz): $2.57
  • Dove (2.6 oz): $3.83
  • TOTAL (6.4 oz): $11.36
  • PER OUNCE: $1.87/oz

Homemade Recipe #1:

  • Dr. Bronner’s (16 oz): $9
  • Aloe Vera Gel (12 oz): $3.97
  • Lemongrass EO (0.5 oz): $5.49
  • TOTAL (28.5 oz): $18.46
  • PER OUNCE: $0.65/oz

Homemade Recipe #2:

  • Baking Soda (16 oz): $0.54
  • Corn Starch (6.5 oz): $0.68
  • Coconut Oil (16 oz): $12.19
  • Tea Tree EO (0.5 oz): $6
  • Lemongrass EO (0.5 oz): $5.59
  • TOTAL(39.50 oz): $24.90
  • PER OUNCE: $0.63/oz

So what can one do to stay dry, yet natural?  Well, if you’re an average sweater, you could probably just switch to a light homemade deodorant of baking soda and corn starch.  And if you suffer from excessive perspiration even in the dead of winter, then you’ll be needing a few gallons of tomato juice….a day.

Now that the Mother Nature’s Maid Challenge is over, I find more and more people asking me what I wear for deodorant on a day-to-day basis.  (As if you people didn’t get enough of my overactive armpits in the heat of summertime!)  To be honest, I’ve partially gone back to store-bought.  If you’re an excessive perspirer (not that that’s you or me) staying dry and completely natural is a pretty tough balance.

I personally couldn’t stand drinking tomato juice every day, and now that the challenge is over, I rarely put myself through that anymore.  Instead, I’ve found a nice compromise.  By using Certain Dri about once a month, my underarms stay dry enough that I can use an all-natural blend day-to-day.

But Mother Nature’s Maid, wouldn’t you feel better using 100% natural deodorant, even if it makes you sweat like a pig?  Certainly.  And I’m pretty sure Taylor Swift would feel better if she wrote just one more break-up song.  But some things should really be outlawed.

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2 thoughts on “You know that line between natural and excessive sweating? Yea, it’s back there…

  1. Not sure which was the worst part of your challenge – deodorant or shampoo. They were both unsettling to say the least. Have to admit – glad those days are behind us. You were a brave soul to weather those storms though. Congrats!!!

    • Yes, thank goodness those storms are over! Two things I hate – a bad hair day and sweaty armpits! And having both of them at once was nearly more than I could bear. (insert – “I beg of you Ms. Cuthbert, please let me stay with you…?”)

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