Then again, when you think about it, 98 cents isn’t really that much…

Great news for all the followers of my homemade nail polish recipe!

Ok, let me rephrase that – Great news for no one!

If you’re making your own nail polish, then you are saving yourself some major dough!  


  • NYC Polish (0.45 oz): $0.98
  • PER OUNCE: $2.18/oz


  • Red onion skins (16 oz): $1.99
  • Water: N/A
  • PER OUNCE: $0.13/oz

Then again, let’s reconsider.  Let’s think about how often we use nail polish.  Not too often, we figure.  And then let’s realize that we still have some Barbie Block Party nail polish from fifth grade that remains unused.  Then let’s decide that our nail polish goes bad faster than we can actually use it.  Then let’s paint our nails with Barbie Block Party nail polish.  Then let’s consider how much nail polish costs.  98 cents is certainly not a bad price…if they charged any less, they’d have to give it away on the streets.  Then let’s remember how much trouble we went through to try to paint our nails naturally.  Then let’s laugh about that, because enough time has gone by.  So if we’re paying 98 cents for a product that lasts for years, then we must be doing pretty good, we figure, Then let’s say – forget natural nail polish, we’re sticking with chemicals!!

Or we can do what I usually do – buy the onions, tell absolutely everyone at the supermarket that you’re making your own nail polish, get home and paint your nails with regular polish, then brag to everybody about how good your homemade nail polish works.  Because MNM is a class act.

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2 thoughts on “Then again, when you think about it, 98 cents isn’t really that much…

  1. No worries – Easter is only a month away – then you can use that natural nail polish for the purpose it was intended – to dye Easter eggs ala your great – grandmother Dot !!!

  2. HAHA MNM does Easter! What a nice family project this would be – perhaps this Sunday we could dye the eggs and then butt them in the traditional Baltimore style. Who’s up for it??

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