Don’t buy your hair care at a garage sale

In my life, I’ve endured some terrible things just for a bargain.  $3 wine that tasted like feet.  Subpar imitation-Nutella.  Ill-fitting flip-flops and terrible haircuts I gave myself.  But I do eventually draw the line.  Not at 2-for-$1 eyeliner or canned cheese, but at deodorant and hair products.  Bargains are fine for any and every situation…until they start messing with my sweat glands or my hairstyle.

This is why I am recommending that you use my homemade leave-in conditioner only at your own risk.  It may be cheaper than store-bought, but hair care is one area where a homemade bargain could mean the difference between life and death.


  • Tresemme Split End Remedy (6 oz): $4.77
  • PER OUNCE: 0.8/oz


  • Glycerin (6 oz): $3.88
  • PER OUNCE: 0.65/oz

While I was No Pooing, I found myself at a dead end after about four months.  And I mean that literally.  My hair was actually dead – at the ends and beyond.  It had morphed – gradually and painstakingly – into a haystack.  I couldn’t even stay out in the smoldering summer heat too long for fear of spontaneous combustion.  True story.

I know I have touched on this in other posts, but I cannot stress enough what an ill effect No Poo had on my hair.  Although the change was slow, I noticed it.  Even when I’d give up for a weekend and shampoo and condition with my regular products, my hair was forever coarse and stiff.  But when I really noticed it is when I got my real hair back from a cleanse and a haircut.  I didn’t even realize what I’d lost until I had it back.

Now, I can’t say for certain that homemade, natural leave-in conditioner had anything to do with this.  After all, I was using multiple natural products on my head at the time, and my hair was stressed to hell and back from all the constant changes.  It could be that glycerin is the perfect leave-in conditioner when used in combination with the correct products (aka chemicals).  After coming back from the brink of No Poo hell, I’m not ready to chance it.  But like I said, feel free to use it at your own risk.  It can’t be any worse than foot wine.

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6 thoughts on “Don’t buy your hair care at a garage sale

  1. Reading about those no – poo days is no – fun !!! You were one miserable soul and it seemed a pall (sp?) fell over the entire house. Don’t blame you for steering clear of anything that messes with the natural order of your hair.

    • I know! It almost killed me to revisit those times to write about them. But it’s important to warn others not to fall into the same trap as I did!! I must warn you, though, that I’m still somehow drawn to No Pooing…..I don’t know why or how or when I can get my head examined but hopefully it’s before I go back to the dark side!!

  2. Yes, it was quite difficult to see your wonderful hair turning to powdered straw right in front of my eyes while trying to be diplomatic about my comments. It’s much more pleasing to look at your hair again, and I”m quite glad that that challenge is forever (hopefully) gone from your radar screen!

    • “Diplomatic” no pun intended, right? Because I looked like I was wearing a powdered wig…like one of the ancient presidents? A little too on the Daniel side for a good joke, perhaps… As for your final comment, I direct you to my response to L&K M XO – I’m still somehow drawn to No Pooing.

  3. I agree with L&K, M xo when she says, “steering clear of anything that messes” with your tresses!
    I was shocked that your leave in conditioner was glycerin though; I thought for sure it was going to be coconut oil!
    Keep ’em coming MNM

    • Wow, low blow, Auntie P, bringing out the coconut oil and all….strikes a bit of a nerve. lol But – yes – I will certainly be staying FAR AWAY from anything that might cling to my hair, make it greasy, powder it up, or dry it out!

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