No ‘Poo Anonymous




This is what your hippie support group looks like.

Hello…Hi…everyone.  Good to be here.  My name is Mother Nature’s Maid.  I’m happy to say I have been No ‘Poo free and using traditional chemical hair cleansers and conditioners for seven months and 18 days.


My last No ‘Poo attempt was on July 12, 2012.  Last year, I fell on some real tough times, and I struggled with No ‘Poo for about four months.  It was a really self-destructive downward spiral.  It started with an innocent experiment.  I had read a lot about No ‘Poo on the internet, and it just seemed like everyone was doing it.  I guess you could say I jumped on the bandwagon.  That was in March.  By April, I was already onto my second recipe and using pretty hard stuff.  I’d experimented a little bit with Coconut Oil…


Attempt 1 & 2


By May I was angry and depressed all the time.  I was experimenting with pretty much anything I had on hand – finding ingredients for my concoctions in the kitchen, the bathroom, under the sink, even in the medicine cabinet.  I was heavy into castile soap…Dr. Bronner’s was my brand of choice.  I was throwing my money away (of course, I didn’t realize that), trying a new recipe every other week.

Attempt 3 & 4

My family tried to help, but I wouldn’t listen.  I was in denial (of course I didn’t realize that).  They kept telling me I was hurting myself and wasting my money, but I was so obsessed with my little experiments that I pushed them away and completely ignored them.  I was spiraling out of control.  I kept trying to find that one recipe that gave me the clean hair fix I needed – the one recipe that worked.  But what I didn’t realize was that the more I searched, the farther I was getting from a fix…and the worse-off I was.


Then one day I finally broke down.  I can’t say what caused it, but I did.  I sought help.  I detoxed.  It was a slow process, but it was worth it.  In the end, my No ‘Poo experiments sucked $120.96 out of me for a grand total of 503.6 oz of product.  But amazingly, in the end, No ‘Poo turned out to be just $0.24/oz, only slightly more expensive than the chemicals ($0.11/oz) I had turned against so vehemently.  But don’t let that tempt you!  Don’t go down the same path I did.  Learn from my mistakes – it’s not worth it.  My hair’s been clean now for nearly eight months, and I feel a lot better than I ever did doing No ‘Poo.  Thank you.


And that’s how it went down yesterday at the No ‘Poo support group meeting.  If you have even a small desire to try No ‘Poo, I suggest you attend.  We meet every Thursday at your local Trader Joe’s, and – for the last time – NO, we don’t do dreadlocks.  

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7 thoughts on “No ‘Poo Anonymous

  1. We tried to reason with you. Tried to make you see the light. Tried to get you off the stuff for good. But even a full out family intervention couldn’t make you kick the habit. Guess we should have realized – you had to reach rock bottom before you could make the choice to come clean on your own. Oh – but what a glorious day that was !!! Congrats!!!

  2. Dear Maid, just one more attempt at no poo, you can do it …… just one more and then that’s it ……… honest. It’ll be the last time. I saw a recipe on the internet that is really, really supposed to work. There’s a group of us who are doing just one more no poo concoction and THEN we’ll stop for good. Come on, how bout it?

    • Maybe I should run a D.A.R.E. class for No Poo!! Actually, that would probably get a lot of interest. Sammy could be a guest speaker, telling about her natural moisture treatment!!!

  3. I couldn’t find anywhere that you described what your hair is like – thick or thin strand, lots of hair or not so much? I am also a blonde with thin hair, and not that much of it… I have not used any natural shampoos/conditions, but have a more natural store bought brand I use. I am trying to wash my hair every 5 days or so. I’m definitely in a greasy place… 😛 As well as being curious about what hair type you have, I am wondering what products you are using now, and how often you use them. Couldn’t there be a happy medium?? 🙂

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