People with painted faces (or, the “maid up” kickoff!)


So the first one started with tomato juice.  And this one starts with…well I guess you could say this one is starting with failure.

Now I know what you’re thinking: “Boy, she hasn’t even started the new challenge yet and she’s already talking about failure!  This is going to be good!”

Wait – stop right there.  Did you just say “new challenge”?  Oh dear God.

That’s right, MNM has a brand new challenge that will brighten your day, engage your brain, delight your senses and tickle your funny bone.  This could be the most sensational, the most extraordinary…wait, I tried that the last time, and it didn’t do any good.

So my first challenge, Mother Nature’s Maid, proved to be more difficult, more time-consuming, more excruciating, and way greasier than I had envisioned.  (Keep in mind that I had envisioned myself cabin-living in the middle of the woods, eating nuts and berries, communing with nature, making my own yarn, taking in stray wildlife and not using soap…)  My original plan had been to include makeup in with all the other products I made by hand, but while I was floundering with dog slobber bodywash and dry shampoo, makeup went by the wayside.

Not for long!  MNM is back with Maid Up, a new challenge to give up all the products in my makeup bag and exchange them for homemade, natural alternatives.  The challenge (theoretically) began March 1 and will run through June 7, a span of 3 months, during which time I will produce viable alternatives for eight makeup products:

  • March 1 – March 15: Makeup Remover
  • March 16 – March 29: Concealer
  • March 30 – April 12: Foundation
  • April 13 – April 26: Eye Liner
  • April 27 – May 10: Eye Shadow
  • May 11 – May 24: Mascara
  • May 25 – June 7: Lip Gloss / Lipstick

Naturally I’ve got some questions for myself.  (Luckily, I came up with some fairly thoughtful responses.)  Do I think I’ll be able to finish all the products this time?  Absolutely – notice I gave myself two weeks per product…obviously I learned something from my first challenge.  But won’t it be virtually impossible to make alternatives to eye liner and mascara?  Probably, but I like to embarrass myself with virtually impossible challenges.  And aren’t I worried about contracting some little-known face fungus and doing permanent damage?  Well, it can’t be any worse than the face I have now….

But, most importantly…why in the world would I take on a new challenge with all the failures of the first one still so fresh in my brain?  I said I wasn’t afraid of a challenge.  I never said I wasn’t stupid.


9 thoughts on “People with painted faces (or, the “maid up” kickoff!)

  1. Fortunately for you – your face requires little to no addendums in order for you to look quite pretty. So – if or when any of your “maid up” products might falter – or sputter – or – dare I even say it – possibly fail (so sorry ) – at least it won’t be noticeable. You’ll still be Our Maid – Maid of Timbershed Court. Good luck with the new challenge. I look forward to following your adventures!!!

    (Figured it would be only fitting to kick off your new challenge with a reference to Anne – your imaginary but very real inspiration for everything you write. )

    • Thank you for the Anne reference. Might get me through the toughest days of this challenge…perhaps even when I find myself in the depths of despair! Have you ever been that way??

  2. Good Luck on the next MNM adventure!
    Can’t wait to read al about it. Who knows you might have your own cosmetic line out one day.

  3. I agree with L&K M XO. You are one of the lucky ones who needs no enhancements for your face. But it will be interesting to see your product lines as they develop. Just leave enough room on the stove this go around so we can cook dinner once in a while!

    • Oh I can’t make any promises there. I’m anticipating that this challenge may be slightly more difficult than the first, which means LOTS of time in the kitchen and LOTS of bathroom space and LOTS of meltdowns. And all bets are certainly off for that inevitable weekend when I am faced with a horrible and seemingly incurable crisis (we know it will come at some point….). Game faces on!

    • Thanks for the tip!! Definitely NEVER putting CO anywhere near my hair again haha but I did put it in my arsenal of makeup removers to test. I preferred Jojoba and Olive Oil, but I didn’t heat the CO so it was a bit clumpy and got in my eyes…not the best combo. But I plan to try it again and heat it this time, partly because I want to see if it works better and partly because the idea of warm coconut on my face sounds pretty amazing 🙂 Thanks again!

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