Take Off Your Face

If you look like this at the end of your night, then you’ll need some makeup remover…some strong makeup remover.

They say you can’t mix water and oil.  But you know what goes great with oil?  Tears.

I spent the past two weeks adjusting to my new makeup challenge, Maid Up, and attempting to fulfill my first task: homemade makeup remover.  For once I can say that I ended up quite where I expected: oil and, of course, the obligatory tears I’ve come to expect with all my natural challenges.

(If you have not been following my homemade experiments, you’ve been missing out on a lot of failures, tears and tragedies that are all pretty hilarious.  Catch up here.)

I knew all-natural makeup remover would involve oil – all my sources told me so.  At first I wasn’t too worried.  I’ve used oil in other concoctions and it’s all been fine, right?  Ok, terribly wrong.  So I’ve used oil before and been stuck for days with greasy, stringy hair as if I’d been sat at a computer in a cape and combat boots playing World of Warcraft for two weeks straight.  But I survived that oil slick, and lightning never strikes the same place twice, so I felt totally safe bringing oil back into the equation.

And, in truth, it wasn’t as bad this time…I mean it wasn’t all bad.  I experimented with several kinds of oil, from Coconut to Jojoba.  I’ll admit that nothing I tried worked as well as the commercial makeup removers I’ve experimented with in the past, but it does work better than the plain soap and water I usually use.

At first I made a mistake, and put oil on a dry face, which worked about as well as soap on a dry face (aka it didn’t work well at all).  The trick is to add a bit of water.  I know oil and water don’t mix, but in this case they seem to form an unlikely team.  The water loosens the makeup a bit so that it can be wiped away with the oil; you can use a cotton pad or just your hands.  The only part I don’t really care for is that the oil leaves your face oily, but I’ve come to realize that oil is just a part of natural, homemade life.

Unfortunately for my pocketbook, Jojoba Oil has been my favorite remover.  However, Olive Oil is also quite effective and less expensive.  Grapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil are my least favorite remedies.  Coconut Oil works, but it must be heated first to make it a liquid and, to be honest with you, it kindof got in my eyes and blurred my vision, which I didn’t prefer.  Grapeseed Oil, I feel, is just not as effective as the others.  Surprisingly enough, despite the use of oil directly on my face, my skin has not broken out at all.

So take your pick between the oils.  For the blog, here’s MNM’s solution to makeup remover:

  • Jojoba Oil or Olive Oil

I can guarantee that it will get rid of your makeup…what you do with the oil left behind is up to you.  Just be glad it’s not in your hair.


12 thoughts on “Take Off Your Face

  1. I find your blog to be incredibly well-written and entertaining. Might I offer a suggestion? I wash my face in the morning with honey, raw and unfiltered. However, it does not take off makeup, so at might I was using the OCM or, oil cleansing method. I simply soak 2 cotton balls in olive oil, remove all make up from my face and, take a clean washcloth every night, soak it in hot water, and lay it over my face to let the steam open my pores. Once it’s cool, I wipe the oil from my face. Makeup removed, face moisturized, and no expense besides a bi monthly bottle of olive oil and honey. 🙂

    • Hi and thanks for reading!! I’ve actually heard of the OCM before, but I must admit I was never quite convinced that it wouldn’t make me break out. However, since I’ve been using oils to remove my makeup, I’ve noticed no ill effects, so I just may try this! I love the idea of a cheap, natural moisturizer, especially in the wintertime when my skin seems perpetually dry. After you wipe the oil away, do you wash it off at all or just allow it to soak in overnight? Thanks for the tip!!

  2. I prefer a foaming cleanser…got any foaming oils in your arsenal?
    I bet the olive oil/warm wash cloth really leaves your skin moisturized though…might need to give that one a try myself.

    • Oh I wish I’d had some foaming oils in the arsenal. I think that would have made the challenge a lot easier…and made me a lot of money! It does feel nice, though, once it’s all washed off and dry – moisturized and refreshed!

  3. From a person who has spent lots of time and money on dermatologists – I don’t think I will be attempting this new challenge but glad it works for you. Just hope there are no ill effects long term.

    • Well, I can’t say as I blame you for not trying this one. After all, the results were not so triumphant in the end… But I think Mother Nature can be useful for the face – hopefully I can get into some of my acne removal solutions at some point!! Thanks for reading!

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