Mother Nature’s Big, Fat Home Run

The tricky thing about Mother Nature is that you never know what she’ll come up with next.  I know this from the 29 weeks I spent in literal agony during the Mother Nature’s Maid challenge.  You know the kind of agony I’m talking about – just when you think you’ve conquered excessive perspiration naturally, or just when you think your natural sunscreen is working, or just when you think you’ve got all the coconut oil out of your hair…  That’s usually when Mother Nature comes up with a startling and horrifying surprise for you.  And, for the record, my advice to anyone reading this with coconut oil stuck in their hair: Pray.  Pray very, very, very hard.

But this time, Mother Nature threw me a curve ball that turned into a big, fat home run!

So, throughout this whole challenge, we all thought my natural products were going to end up being way more expensive than store-bought, right?  Admit it – you definitely thought that.  I certainly did.  Natural products are always so much more expensive than their chemical counterparts on the supermarket shelf.  It’s like they make these products out of unicorn blood or harvest them from the mouths of alligators.

But, guess what?  Turns out, when it’s all added up and averaged out, MNM’s homemade arsenal is actually cheaper than the store-bought.

Wait…what?  That’s right.  Check it out:

*Ordered by least-expensive HOMEMADE product to most expensive *Red: Homemade is more expensive than store-bought *Blue: Homemade is cheaper than store-bought

Now, for certain homemade products, I came up with multiple recipes, and for certain store-bought products, I have a few favorites I use on a regular basis.  For these, I averaged out the per-ounce costs and compared that way.

But that’s quite a difference, right?  Have you discovered the outlier yet?  Yup – there it is – the chapstick!  A whopping $19.8/oz in the store, compared at $0.45/oz homemade.  So let’s take the chapstick out for a moment.  That still leaves us with totals of $15.96 for homemade and $17.13 for store-bought.  Surprised?  I was!

Hippies.  You just can’t keep us down, can you?  Except when we have grease in our hair…then we’re kindof not-so-groovy.

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2 thoughts on “Mother Nature’s Big, Fat Home Run

  1. Figures too – doesn’t it ?? Your homemade lip balm was one of your most successful recipes – all wrapped up with a bow in their tiny jars or little tins.

    • I think this calls for some commercializing to get MNM’s Lip Balm out on the market!! I could be selling at farmer’s markets and Trader Joe’s and wherever else hippies go!

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