Don’t run away from chocolate!

Tired of boys running in the opposite direction when they see your face?  Looking for a man strong enough to love all your imperfections, inside and out, even your garbage-can of a complexion?  It’s ok, ladies, we’ve all been there.

No, no, not that kind of chocolate!

Mother Nature’s Maid is here to save you from unattractiveness.  Let’s just face it, some of us are too ugly to get dates on our own.  I even put a blind date ad on Craig’s List, but nobody lasted past the first look (I guess the meaning of “blind” date was misconstrued).

That’s when I turned to MNM’s homemade cocoa foundation.  It’s a simple recipe you can make in your kitchen, and since I’ve started wearing this, I’ve been beating the boys off with a stick.  Seriously, though, people are getting wayyyy too close to my face.

See, when I use this foundation, I actually smell like chocolate…my face smells like a chocolate bar.  You know when you go to Chocolate World at HersheyPark, and you’re enveloped in a thick layer of heavy chocolate air, as if you’ve been dunked in a vat of cocoa syrup?  That’s what this foundation is like.  Ok, not that overwhelming, but it’s pretty amazing.  And, as it turns out, guys love chocolate.  (But not as much as hormonal teenage girls, it seems, and I’m kindof getting tired of listening to high school break-up stories like Taylor Swift’s latest album on repeat).

The point is, this foundation not only smells great, but it works!  It doesn’t work as well as the pressed powder Cover Girl foundation that I usually use, but for a chemical-free product that costs just a couple bucks, it gets you by.  The loose foundation is more powdery than I’m used to, and I don’t think it goes on as smoothly as the store-bought.

I tried to turn my homemade foundation into a pressed powder by adding alcohol and oil, as demonstrated in a number of tutorials, but failed.  My first attempt was with olive oil, which left me with a thick, dark paste…fail.  With rubbing alcohol I faired better, but not great.  The first time, I added about 25 drops into my powder and was left with a nicely colored, solid mix that cracked the first time I used it.  The second time, I added about 4 full droppers and was left with a slightly darker, but more solid mix that was as hard as a rock and unusable.

Perhaps 1 dropper-full is the ticket?  I’ll have to try that next.  Because if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again…unless you smell like body odor; then you’ll want to use an antiperspirant – a good antiperspirant .  Talk about people running in the opposite direction…


4 thoughts on “Don’t run away from chocolate!

  1. Well – I haven’t really noticed any difference in the appearance of this new foundation on your face but then again your face doesnt really require any foundation – the one you were born with is serving you quite well (spoken like a true mother). But I can see where smelling chocolate all day (you – not those around you ) could play havoc with a well balanced and nutritious diet ( not that you need to worry your pretty little head over that either). But for those of us who might be – how do I say it – “thin challenged” – just the thought of chocolate scent wafting gently off my face – and I’ve gained a pound.

    May I put in a request for caramel scented next time around???

    • Yes, perhaps I could come up with a whole line of scented foundations! Caramel, chocolate, coffee…the possibilities are endless!! And for the health conscious, perhaps broccoli, asparagus, and brussel sprout??

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