Dust my face (with a Swiffer)

Well I don’t foresee natural makeup going much farther than June 7.  I mean, it’s fine for now – it’s not like I have coconut oil in my hair – but I can’t get 100% next to Maid Up.

How I feel some days with powders caked all over my face.

As you know, there are certain all-natural and homemade products that I can really get excited about (think – chapstick, bodywash, perfume…), but this makeup regimen is just not doing it for me.  The makeup just involves so much…so much…powder.

First there is the healthy dose of loose powder foundation, and when I say loose I mean cocoa powder flying around the bathroom in a giant dust cloud and landing in pale, gritty clumps on the front of my clothes.  (Don’t tell my mom, but it gets all over the bathroom counter…)  If I breathe in, I choke myself.  It’s like applying makeup with a crop duster; I just close my eyes and hope for the best.  BUT – at least I don’t have to worry about chemicals; I just have to be careful not to asphyxiate myself.

Next comes the “concealer.”  I put concealer in quotes because, let’s be real, it doesn’t work.  When you first put it on, it looks promising – very light and shiny like it will brighten your eyes and cover your pimples.  FALSE.  This look fades.  So you spread it out as best you can and then dump on more powder.  And you dump more and more.  But don’t get carried away or you’ll hit the snag of too much powder on top of powder on top of “concealer,” and things will start to solidify in heavy clumps.  And that’s when you wipe it all  off and start over (or give up and use chemicals for the day).

However, if you give up and go back to chemicals, the store-bought cover-up you’re used to will, interestingly enough, underperform.  I’ve found that my Maybelline concealer does not work as well on top of all the powder of my natural foundation.

Powder.  Powder.  Powder.  Sound familiar?  Why, yes it does, MNM.  It reminds me of your horrible experiences with dry shampooThat’s exactly what I thought.  Remember working in the sandbox?  This is like working in a mudbox.  Sometimes, I’ll rub my eye or scratch my nose and find colored powder stuck to my fingers.  I get more gunk under my nails when I spend a day wearing natural makeup than when I spend a day at the barn.  Forget natural makeup remover to clean my face off – I’d be better off using a Swiffer Duster.

Despite this, Maid Up has not proved to be as excruciating as the Mother Nature’s Maid challenge.  First of all, I’ve given myself two full weeks to develop and deal with new products.  Second, makeup just doesn’t have as fundamental a part in my life as, say, toothpaste or deodorant.  And I’ve found that failures and subpar products are easier to deal with when there’s no danger of greasy hair or body odor.


6 thoughts on “Dust my face (with a Swiffer)

  1. So it’s not actually pollen covering everything in the house, it’s powder? And I was wondering why my eyes weren’t itching.

    • Yes, that would be my makeup….That’s also probably what is on the cars; I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the foundation dust storm traveled right out the windows.

  2. So glad you can see the humor in all your challenges and attempts.

    And don’t worry about the chocolate dust in the bathroom – just picking up clothes from the hamper in there and I’ve taken care of my chocolate craving for the entire day – and no weight gain!!!

    At this point I’m more concerned about the condition of your bedroom anyway – gotta pick your battles.

    • Another interesting thing about the chocolate foundation – the smell goes away halfway through the day but gets reactivated when I get in the shower before bed! Hot water + cocoa powder is like hot chocolate on my face!! I REALLY recommend this product – whether it’s effective or not, it smells amazing! As for the clothes in my bedroom – all in good time, all in good time… MNM appreciates your patience.

  3. Which natural makeup brands did you try? There are some great liquid foundations out there as well as some pressed powder ones that don’t create the cloud of doom you mentioned. I agree with you on the concealer, though. I have yet to find one that actually has staying power.

    • YES – staying power is the most difficult thing to procure! Also a non-clumping homemade mascara….but I’ll have more on that later. I actually haven’t tried any natural makeup brands, because the whole (ill-advised…) idea of the “challenge” is homemade natural makeup, so I have to make each product on my own. Of the homemade remedies I’ve made so far, all work but only for a certain amount of time. However, if you have recommendations for any natural brands, I’ll take the advice to use after my challenge is over 🙂 Thanks for reading!!

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