There’s a Book of Revelations In Everyone’s Life

MNM rarely has revelations.  I’ve had times when I should have had revelations – like before I put coconut oil on my hair, before I started No Poo, before I stopped using deodorant, before I gave up my coveted liquid eyeliner.

If you’re going for lashes this big, you’ll never get them with MNM’s brew…revelation or no revelation.

But today I had a revelation.  I’ve been struggling with all-natural mascara for a few weeks now, and let me tell you it’s not an easy road.  Every morning I whip up a tiny batch of Aloe Vera Gel and activated charcoal powder in a little Dixie Cup (roughly 1 part charcoal to 2 parts AVG).  And then – here’s where the fun comes in – I begin the laborious process of trying to get the homemade mascara to adhere to my lashes.  I have an old mascara brush that I use for this, but it was failing me.  I’d take at least 15 passes at each eye with a brush loaded up with black gunk, and with every stroke I’d only succeed in alternatively wiping on and wiping off the mascara.  Yes, I am the Karate Kid.

But all that changed today.  MNM woke up tired, and she wasn’t having any of that natural crap this morning.  Honestly, I almost caved and just used regular makeup (I’ve been telling you all this time that I threw it out, but really it’s just shoved in a drawer in my room).  Of course, I didn’t do this; if I had I never would have had the revelation.

So I took the mascara brush, chunks of yesterday’s stale mix caked into the bristles, and I poured some AVG and activated charcoal right into the palm of my hand.  I mixed thoroughly – or was it “angrily” – with the brush, all in my palm.  Then I globbed it on.

Well what do you know?  It worked like a charm.  Almost like I was applying real mascara.  Almost.  You still won’t get the coverage, color or thickness you’re used to, and it won’t last mucb longer than your work day (i.e. you’ll have to reapply before Happy Hour).  However, you’ll see fewer clumps, and it’s not even that hard to apply!  It only takes a few swipes to get adequate (for natural, homemade mascara) coverage.

Perhaps the trick is to leave the previous day’s mascara on the brush, or perhaps it’s to mix the product in the palm of your hand.  I’m really not sure, but I’ve found that you don’t question Mother Nature about a success.  If you do, she’ll just give you some coconut oil and baking soda in congratulations.


6 thoughts on “There’s a Book of Revelations In Everyone’s Life

  1. Boy did I hit the jackpot this morning. References to Anne and Ann Marie ( two of our favorites ) all in one post. All you needed was a shout out to our sweet Annie and you would have hit the trifecta!!! What is it with you and Anne / Ann / Annie ‘s anyhow??? But to the point of this morning’s installment . Perhaps the warmth of the palm of your hand had something to do with the difference in consistency?? Maybe your concoction needs to be heated prior to application?? Oh no – what am I saying – next thing you know I’ll be dodging a bunson burner on your bathroom counter!!! And just when it was beginning to feel less like a lab from your first challenge!! Also just to revisit the safety precautions in yesterdays blog – haven’t you heard you are never supposed to use old mascara wands with other products ?? Always heard it could transfer bacteria from old products to new or something like that. Anyhow – congrats on your success this morning. Bet that put a spring in your step!!!

    • I knew I could count on you to appreciate the Ann/Anne references!! I’m also thinking my success may have had to do with the warmth as well – either that or skin oils that got mixed in (but no, no, don’t concentrate on that, because I’m sure “skin oils” translates to “bacteria-ridden dead skin cells” to mothers). And don’t worry about the Bunson Burner in the bathroom – I wouldn’t go to such great lengths. More likely I’d just set up in the kitchen (I’ll need at least two burners kept open at all times).

      About the mascara wands – I had heard of that (probably from you and the dear Aunts…), but you know how much attention I pay to all those warnings…a LOT.

  2. I do have to second the bacteria warnings, but the revelation may be that you need a thickening agent! Have you tried beeswax? This is my ALL TIME favorite natural mascara, I sometimes try to look at ingredients of successful products to give me some DIY clues:
    Also, mascara brushes like this one, may help you get a better application:

    I need you to succeed MNM! 🙂

    • I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I hadn’t thought of a thickening agent! After all my experience with runny lotions/sunscreens/deodorants, I didn’t think of a thickening agent! haha That sounds like it would work to solve a few of my problems. Beeswax would thicken it up and also make it dry/adhere better, which means more lasting power! Sometimes I felt like I could put my homemade mascara on in the morning and it would be gone by the end of the day. FAIL.

      BTW – any ideas for a lipgloss that might last longer than olive oil? In my haste to finish up the challenge by deadline, I settled on berry lipstick and oil gloss. The problem is, the gloss doesn’t last more than a half hour at most….

      Thanks for the tips and the vote of confidence 🙂

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