Keep your irritated taste buds to yourself, like I do

Angry because you have an irritated taste bud? Turn to Golden Seal Root!

I know the question on your mind.

“Mother Nature’s Maid, how are your irritated taste buds?”

MNM is highly susceptible to irritated taste buds. If you don’t know what they are, consider yourself lucky. If you’ve had one, I feel sorry for you. If you have chronic recurring taste bud irritation, or RTBI, I will pray for you.

The irritated taste bud is an agonizing medical condition that manifests as an enflamed white pustule protruding from whichever place on your tongue you think would be most inconvenient to have a sore. Brushing your teeth becomes unbearable, talking becomes unpleasant, and even eating is unappealing. They are life-ruiners.

When I was using MNM’s toothpaste, I noticed a reprieve from the condition, but once the challenge ended, I got lazy and started using my store-bought toothpaste again. But this summer I reached an impasse. I began experiencing debilitating attacks of RTBI; tiny white mountains of misery growing in clumps on my defenseless tongue.

I tried swishing with warm saltwater, which heals cheek bites in a flash, but I burned my tongue on hot saltwater and ended up with more boils and no sense of taste. This was followed by weeks of blistering and inflamed taste buds. It’s been terrible, but I don’t like to complain. That’s why I never mentioned anything about the anal fissures.

I had no choice but to turn to Mother Nature. My dad mentioned the importance of Golden Seal Root in oral hygiene, and it turns out he was right.

Golden Seal Root looks like dirt, smells like rabbit food, and has the consistency of pulverized hay. I cracked three capsules and dusted them into a jar of homemade toothpaste. The combination looks like guinea pig poop…or vomit, and tastes earthy…or bitter.

But it works! I started using the toothpaste about three weeks ago and have been free of irritated taste buds ever since!

I urge you to try it, because I know you. You’re suffering dreadfully, but you don’t want to complain. That’s why you haven’t said anything about the anal fissures.

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3 thoughts on “Keep your irritated taste buds to yourself, like I do

  1. Welcome Back MNM – Seems like forever since I’ve had the opportunity to read you!!! I know you’ve had a lot on your plate recently but so happy you are back in the saddle again!!!

    After our brief conversation the other day I was expecting a different topic for this return post – but I won’t give you away – and will be waiting patiently for that topic to be addressed.

    As one who has lived with you for 25 + years – I can confirm – you DON’T like to complain – ahem – but I believe I have heard a word or two regarding your ITB’S over the course of the summer. Well – maybe it was just hearsay from someone else – cause I know you don’t like to complain. Or perhaps it was something that hit me in a dream – seeing as you don’t like to complain. But one way or another – I have been aware of your plight .

    So you can only imagine the relief – uh – I mean delight – I feel knowing that you have found a remedy to this debilitating condition. And who would have guessed it would have originated with Daddy – Mr. Psyllium Husk himself!!!

    I guess that old adage is true – Father DOES Know Best!!!

    But does this mean we won’t be seeing you sitting on the sofa at night with your tongue hanging out for sweet relief – exactly like the sweet giraffe in your picture???

  2. MNM is back and I am so happy! Sorry about the taste buds, tho, but glad the goldenseal root was helpful. I used to use it for canker sores, so I thought it might be helpful for your ITB. Now if we can only find some herbs that we can put into Bess’s gas tank when she starts acting up!

    Great to have you back, MNM, and I can’t wait to start reading Newport News!

  3. I am glad to see you back as well. I have been checking in periodically, awaiting your return, so you can imagine my delight when I found 3 new posts this am! Sorry to hear about your ailment and even sorrier to hear about the remedy…sounds disgusting, earthy is not the way I would want my toothpaste to taste.

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