Don’t let your girlfriend read this over your shoulder; she’ll think you care about your look

Ok, boys, this one is for you.  I know my support from the male community has probably dwindled since I stopped talking about sweat all the time and posting pictures of Rosamund Pike and Princess Leia.  But today I’m getting it all back, guys, because today, instead of discussing charcoal mascara or olive oil nail polish, we talk about something you need: undereye correcter!  If your girlfriend is reading this over your shoulder, go ahead and close the page; but bookmark it before you do.  For your ‘sister,’ of course!

Let’s face it, boys, nobody wants to look like a raccoon, and when you have dark circles under your eyes that’s exactly what you are – a tired raccoon.  Except you’re not cute and furry.  Now, it’s not that we girls don’t have to worry about dark circles; of course we worry.  But we have makeup to save us.  Trust me, we all look like tired raccoons underneath the concealer.

Unfortunately, Dove has yet to make a line of facial cosmetics packaged in steel gray angular boxes and labeled with the word “MAN,” so boys still aren’t really comfortable using makeup.  That’s where Mother Nature’s Maid comes in to help you!  With MNM’s natural remedies, you can treat the problem at its source, not just mask the symptoms.  And there are no brushes or powders or glosses involved.

Ask the internet for home remedies for undereye circles, and you’ll get about 50,000 answers.  Some of them will be complicated, some of them will be expensive, and some of them will involve frozen spoons placed over the eyes.  I went for lemon juice – simple, cheap, and no utensils on my face.  All you do is rub fresh lemon juice under your eyes twice a day.  Let the juice sit for 15 minutes, then rinse.  It’s also optional to mix in some tomato juice, which has lightening properties.

It’s a simple concoction; the only trouble is that it doesn’t work.  I’ve been using this treatment for a week now and have noticed little to no change.  Also, you should know that it will burn your face off if you have dry skin.  But don’t let any of that deter you.  If there’s one thing I learned from my No Poo days, it’s that different natural solutions work differently for different natural people.  So give it a try and see if it works…for your “sister.”  Nobody wants to look like a tired raccoon.


3 thoughts on “Don’t let your girlfriend read this over your shoulder; she’ll think you care about your look

  1. The best fix for this I’ve found was getting a good night’s sleep every night. I swear by it …… of course you knew that, didn’t you?

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