Teenie Maid Me Do It

There are three things you should never discuss with your friends – politics, religion, and facial care.  Debating politics can make your friends angry, talking about religion might offend them, and explaining your facial care routine just might shock them half to death.

Take my friend Teenie: Law student, self-taught mixologist, and skincare extraordinaire.  We’d gotten onto the subject of skincare during a particularly girly girls night.  She thought she’d had a shock when I told her I didn’t use BB Cream every day.  But as far as my skincare regimen – or lack thereof – is concerned, the BB Cream is just the tip of the iceberg.  Poor Teenie.  She had no idea what was coming.

As I laid out my daily facial routine over a glass of wine, Teenie couldn’t conjure up enough appalled gasps to convey her astonishment at my lack of care.  I use bar soap on my face.  Nothing moisturizing either; I like the drying kind that sucks all the oil out of your body through the pores on your forehead.  I buy my makeup at WalMart, and sometimes I sleep in it overnight.  I use hand lotion as face moisturizer, and it doesn’t even have an SPF.  I don’t know what toner does.

Finally, in sweet but desperate tones, Teenie cracked: “Ok, number one, you should never put anything on your face that’s meant for your hands.  And you need to wear SPF every day, especially with fair skin.  If you do anything, stop using bar soap!  It’s so drying!  And toner really is important!  At 25, our skin has already started aging, and we need to protect it now.

When I got home later, I took a long look in the mirror, and Teenie’s words came back to me.  I was aging, damnit.  Thus began the Maid for My Face Challenge.

I took to the internet to find some directions to the skincare maze into which Teenie had unknowingly (or sneakily) coaxed me.  I was on the verge of dropping a few hundred dollars of desperation at Ulta when I found the Oil Cleansing Method, a natural and cheap alternative to store-bought facial care.  Bingo!

If you’re not familiar with OCM, hold onto your socks, because it means what it says.  Basically, for this challenge, I’m going to be putting oil on my face in place of soap.  Yes, you heard me right.  The substance that I have been trying to keep miles away from my face for more than 20 years I will now be liberally applying as a cleansing product.  Pretty genius, right?

Ok, probably wrong.  Probably very wrong.  Even though all my research suggests that this change will be absolutely great for my skin, I’ll probably end up a greasy, pimpled mess by the end of this experiment.  But I’ve been in all-natural muck piles before (think “Great Coconut Oil Debacle”), and I’m sure I’ll get out of this one.

So here’s how it goes: For one month, I give it a go with OCM.  This means oil cleanser, oil moisturizer, oil exfoliant, green tea toner, and absolutely no – I repeat, no – soap.  Ever.  Somehow, I feel like this cannot be what Teenie was suggesting.­­

What’s the Oil Cleansing Method?

What is Maid For My Face?

Who is Mother Nature’s Maid?


3 thoughts on “Teenie Maid Me Do It

  1. I hardly think your skin is aging, dear Maid! It is still as youthful as ever. But if, however, you feel like trying an alternate facial cleansing program, then I guess coconut oil, your long-time best friend, should be your go to main ingredient. She’s never let you down before. Well, maybe once. Good luck!

  2. Wow MNM Wow –
    Your skin is beautiful – I wouldn’t change a thing. You certainly don’t look like you have aging skin but I agree protecting your skin is certainly very important.
    Just a word of caution …….With all the skin issues we’ve had around my house and the beautiful skin you already have I would be very careful with this new challenge.

    I guess you never had any permanent success with under eye circle reduction?

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